Festive Season – Our Top Tips

Festive Season – Our Top Tips

Ties That Don’t Bind

To tie or not to tie´, Shakespeare would have said if he’d been contemplating the annual globe bash in front of a mirror. But seriously folks the idea of formally wearing a tie unless you’re entering some fuddy duddy gentlemen’s club is generally no longer an issue. Disheveled collars beneath tuxedos are no longer only for James Bond and guys of a slimmer build in particular, should not fear going tieless in a tux.

The look can be extremely effective when the casual look is the order of the day, but don’t go mad and read Technicolor for casual .A quality short white scarf will detract attention and give you that bit of gentleman’s class especially with subtle studded cufflinks and a smart black or dark velvet suit.

Suiting Up

With some prices of quality wear stratospheric its important to squeeze the last once of value out of purchases, especially ones that spend most of their life caged inside a wardrobe, Ensure you check out any luxe items to pair with capsule items and enhance the overall look, pair a dark suit with a dark shirt and try that silk scarf from you’re auntie Peg, the contrast will look good and you’ll feel good. Complimenting darks with lighter accessories is really an old Hollywood trick, but it works! You’ll be able to call into the pub or the Opera with equal confidence. Pattern and geometric contrasts as accessories are fine as long as they are subtle and don’t detract from the main effect of the darker wearables.

Tuxedo Junction

Unless you have a part time job as a maitre de this season’ you really can ditch the bow tie. Dive in with the old staple the roll neck sweater so beloved of American TV show winter lodge scenes. A blue or burgundy velvet jacket paired with a black roll neck will give you the international man of mystery look .For the more daring try some velvet slippers to compliment, but avoid the puddles.

Stir Without Shaking

The white Tux jacket can be just as effective in a crowded room as by shouting ´The drinks are on me!´ Subtle changes in the James Bond look can work wonders and feel free to pay homage to the character with a black mock roll neck lurking beneath the cool exterior of the jacket; however, in today’s somewhat security conscious climate we strongly recommend avoiding the holster and WaltherPPK and to maintain a dignified and smut free appearance when you exit always use the elevator not the window!

Fare Game

By a spot of creative sartorial juggling you can inject new life into your Christmas festivities. By swapping top and bottom elements of your tux you can really create an early gift to yourself. Balmain’s Oliver Rousteing creates a stir by wearing classic dinner jackets over quality jeans and white T-shirts.Coloured velvet jackets and that casually abandoned top button will help your holiday go with a fizz that lasts longer than the bottle.

Sweating It Out

Fortunately ‘ if you manage to ply your nearest and dearest with drink, you can avoid too many instantly globalized selfies featuring that garish Christmas sweater so lovingly purchased on the last minute. Hope for a crew or v neck sweater and detract from the flashing red nose with a crisp white shirt and Endeavour to hide the offending item with a class act denim jacket .Its suitable for slouching indoors or brisk walking off that heavy lunch. You’ll still look fun and not just not funny. Happy winter solstice!

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