When someone mentions the word style or stylish, we already have a preconceived notion of what it means. We picture someone dressed in popular or trendy items of clothing picked off a catalogue from some magazine or website. Having style isn’t only about what you wear; it’s how you wear it. In order for me to look good in something, I need to feel good about wearing it.

My Influences & Inspirations

Growing up I idolised James Bond, who doesn’t like the idea of a mystery man who is well dressed, suave and capable of knocking out another man with a single punch? I loved Bond for his demeanour but the way the man dressed was inspiring. That air of sophistication and power both in one. It’s no wonder all the men wanted to be him and the ladies with him. In a recent article, Gracie Opulanza described David Gandy as the modern Bond, a fashion powerhouse. From his profile and presence, it is clear that he is no pretender to the throne; he embraces it. With his smirk and powerful figure he is unmistakable and undoubtedly a fashion icon.

The Power of The Suit

The suit is the most powerful and attractive piece of clothing any man can possess. That feeling when you walk into a room and all eyes turn to you – indescribable. If done right, you could have everyone holding their breath waiting on your next move. The respect and admiration that it commands is unparalleled. Whether you look like a 1930’s Italian mobster or a super sleek MI5 agent, you will look like you mean business and that is the power of the suit.

Your Definition of You

It is great that we are inspired by people and want to emulate them; however we should be careful not to lose ourselves in the process. Take something on but make it your own, stick your personality into it every time you get dressed for whatever occasion. Define your style by wearing what suits you and compliments your shape. Do not be afraid to mix it up every now and then and try different variations. Your body is the canvas, fashion the brush and you are the artist. So get to work on making yourself a masterpiece.

Image Credits: Silvia Rossi