FitBit Surge Fitness Tracker – Review

FitBit Surge Fitness Tracker – Review

MenStyleFashion is reviewing the latest fitness trackers for you so you can make an informed choice of which one to get in this increasing crowed market. Today I am looking at the FitBit Surge a fitness tracker with built in GPS and heart rate monitor.


What Is The FitBit Surge?

This 2015 FitBit Surge Fitness and Sleep Tracker is an fitness watch that does so much more than you’d expect. I got my hands on the black strap version which I was thrilled to receive and it looked great with everything I wore.

The Band

The band is made from a high quality silicone with a fine texture and a metal buckle end. The band is not easily removable and therefore wouldn’t fall into the changeable strap category.


The Face

Moving on to the design of the face itself, like the Basis Peak, this face has a very boxy appearance. Unlike the Basis Peak, FitBit have done a great job of making the display not look dated and retro, rather they turned it into something very slick looking. Having reviewed watched with this type of display before, I can say that FitBit’s Display in one of, if not the best in the Fitness Watch Department.


The Display

As for the display, you get a tri-tone view and the ability to swipe up, down and across for different screens. These screens enable you to set an alarm to be woken by, start a stopwatch, connect and disconnect your smartphone, see your live Heart Rate and view recent activity. You are also able to see how much battery you have left which make it really easy to know when to charge.

Its also important to add that there are three buttons on the FitBit Surge. I personally liked having the buttons there because it meant I didn’t have to keep trying to navigate a small screen with my giant fingers!

Battery Life

I found that I can get 4-5 full days of usage out of the watch before it needs charging which to me, was great. Certainly better than the 3.5 days I got from the Basis Peak.

To charge you are provided with a nifty little device that plugs into any USB port. You put the provided cable into the slot and star charging. Something that I was really happy with was the charging time. It only took about an hour at most to fully recharge the battery from dead. So if the watch died during the night, you could have it ready to wear right after breakfast.



For the Performance section of this review, I look to see how well the watch performs certain tasks and how the application counterpart holds up with certain activities.

I’ll start this section by saying that this watch shouldn’t just be classified as a Fitness Watch, but a Lifestyle Watch. I was truly taken a back when I came to find that you could track basically every aspect of your life through the app. Everything from your weight to how much water you have drunk. One of the most impressive features of the app was the ability to actually scan the barcode of any product you consume and log it in your calorie intake list. It even displays in a simple graph which tells you how many calories you need to consume in accordance with your wait maintenance or weight loss goals.

Fitness Tracker

I took the watch out on a few different exercise sessions. A walk, a run, and a bike ride; each one lasting around 10-13 minutes. During each of the activities, I found the watch catered for all my timing and observatory needs such as viewing my heart rate, steps and calories burned. I think the greatest aspect of the post exercise experience was the ability to look at the GPS Tracker Map of where you have been. You also have the ability to see how your heart rate changes during different sections of the session. Top class. The FitBit Surge is water resisatnat to 5ATM but still should not be used to track swimming, as it can’t withstand the forces associated with it.

Sleep Tracker

The sleep tracker by FitBit is really hard to critique because they have left nothing for me to be mad about. It is accurate, easy to read and informative. What else is there to say.

FitBit4 FitBit5

Extra Features

Something I didn’t expect was the FitBit Dongle. The dongle allows you to connect your watch with your laptop wireless to access a desktop version of the app. I haven’t used it much but it’s certainly a great thing to have during times of travel.



I’m going to give the FitBit Surge a score of 9.3. It was really hard to find negatives about this product. At £199 it is priced high but it has a lot of features including GPS tracking with it. I’d say the FitBit Surge is at the moment one of the best in the Fitness & Sleep Tracker Category.

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