Summertime is calling and it’s asking if you’re ready for the warm weather. Naturally, this means stocking up on a few new pairs of shoes and there are some very attractive trends to take advantage of for the upcoming season. Here are five shoes that no man should be caught without if they plan on having their feet look fashionable.


Every man needs a quality pair of dress shoes and no style is more in vogue than the ever-classic brogue. The decorative perforations add just enough extra style without being overly ostentatious. In particular, you could look for a pair of brogues in tan, which will make you look put-together without being overly flashy.

Air Brogue Heritage Blue Leather

Sandals and Socks

We never actually thought we’d see the day where we’d say this, but socks and sandals are okay this season. You read that correctly. According to this Guardian article, the fashion faux pas has shifted into the avant garde. Still, you shouldn’t exactly start wearing Tevas and white tube socks anytime soon. If you plan to try to rock the look this summer, invest in some colourful socks and a slick pair of leather sandals.

Sandal and socks by Dr Martens


One of the biggest shoe trends for 2016 is undoubtedly the slip-on and, in particular, the espadrille. The canvas uppers and jute rope soles make them the ideal casual shoe for summer as they’re both breathable and lightweight. As opposed to summer loafers or boat shoes, espadrilles won’t make your feet sweat, helping you avoid the dreaded nastiness that can come with summer feet. Lyst’s shoes edit points out that, this summer, you definitely need a pair of espadrilles alongside the other essentials (which they mention as sandals, flip-flops, and boat shoes.

Slip on shoes

Desert Boots

Few shoes are as effortlessly stylish and versatile as the dress boot, and no boot is more ready for summer than the appropriately named desert boot. According to this GQ article, the original boot was designed for the desert campaigns of World War II and was so rugged and reliable that its popularity has continued 75 years later. The desert boot looks great with just about any outfit. Whether it’s a sharp suit or a pair of denim jeans, this is the only real option for boots in the summer.

Desert boots men

Running Shoes

Here’s another blast from the past that we never expected to rear it’s head again. You may have heard that “dad fashion” is the new normcore for 2016 and, well, the combo of running shoes and jeans (à la Seinfeld) is actually a popular look for the season. With ’90s nostalgia at an all-time high, there are definitely worse trends that could resurface. Whether it’s a pair of shoes from a staple athletic brand (Nike, ASICS) or a high-profile fashion designer (Michael Kors, Yohji Yamamoto), you’d be hard-pressed to beat a pair of terrific trainers.

y-3 trainers men 2018 fw