Bentley Motors Crewe Factory Tour

Bentley Motors Crewe Factory Tour

Manchester-Banner-Logo-50Way back in December 2015, I had the privilege of driving a Bentley GT Speed Convertible for seven days around central London. So it only seemed right that we were invited to see how the world of Bentley really works. The factory is situated in Crewe, 35 miles south of Manchester, and the staff are an unbelievable minimum of 4000 people. The factory and the complexity of how cars are made give you a true understanding of why Bentley cars retail at high prices.

The factory is super clean, has a great working atmosphere and the staff are extremely focused on their jobs. It goes to show how committed the staff are to the brand. In talking to a few workers, they all love working for Bentley and are very proud to be part of the success of these beautiful driving machines. After driving a Bentley I always wondered ‘what is its message is for 2016?’ Who are their customers? What craftsmanship skills are required to create such a strong and outspoken car? As part of the factory tour. I drove or was driven in the Bentley Lineage, the Flying Spur and the latest Bentley Mulsanne. I also saw the most expensive and luxury SUV out there called the Bentayga in the production line. I also focused on the wood and trim shops for you to get an idea of how much time and effort goes into building a Bentley car.

The following images and videos are my take on the world of Bentley.

Airport Pickup in Bentley Flying Spur

I got picked up from the airport in a Bentley Flying Spur and I truly forgot how beautiful these cars are. Now, this is the first time I have had someone drive me around in a Bentley, which was great because I could appreciate the very essence of the interior of the car. It was so wonderful to be chauffeured by a female chauffeur who had been driving Bentleys for years.


I am not normally a fan of white leather interior but in a car like this, it is a strong statement of elegance. It just feels so amazing and can only be described as the biggest leather handbag on wheels. I come from an Italian background and always adored my parent’s bedroom furniture from Italy, which was made out of solid walnut. My father worked with wood all his life and it was ingrained into me as well. The beauty and versatility of such material and the skill involved to showcase wood in a car is an example of craftsmanship at the highest level. The light walnut colour in the Flying Spur combined with the white leather seats just empowered my feminine side.

At the factory, I could not help noticing the Bentley leather bags and suitcases that would perfectly match the interior of the Flying Spur I was driven in, a match made in heaven.

Bentley Factory Tour 2016 Crewe With MenStyleFashion (27)

Rookery Hall Hotel & Spa

I was driven to the Rookery Hotel & Spa where I would stay before having the factory tour the next morning. When you’re a potential customer for Bentley, you get hosted over for a couple of days by a private salesperson. They give you what they call the Bentley experience. What better stay than to be hosted at the Rookery Hall Hotel & Spa. The setting is gorgeous and really sets the scene whilst driving a Bentley.


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