GA Salon – Hairstyle With A Journey

GA Salon – Hairstyle With A Journey

I am travelling around the globe, and the state of my hair and nails always need pampering.  In the last few weeks, I have driven the latest luxury cars in the UK so the state of my hair and nails need to look in pristine order at all times. Touring around the globe I am always hunting for salons with reputable feedback. On rare occasions, experiences can be fatal.

Three months ago I had the worse colour and cut in years from a very well renown salon. The cut and colour were so bad I decided to just leave it as I just didn’t know what to do. The last three months I am wearing hats as I am so embarrassed about the state of my hair. My hair takes ages to grow so it is for this reason I was prepared to wait for the right opportunity and salon to sort out my hair issues. I decided to take action and book in what I call a mental health pampering treatment day with GA Salon Wimbledon.

Can GA Salon sort out my hair issues? What is so unique about GA Salon? What bespoke treatments can they offer me to address my weak hair, the state of my colour and cut?

In my mind, no ordinary mainstream hairdresser can sort my hair out.


Gennaro Dell’Aquila is the brainchild of this Salon. I come from an Italian background so I understood him very well. When I asked about his love for hair, in his own words.

I was seven years of age when I first picked up a hair brush and I loved brushing hair and after thirty minutes I realised that hair was my passion.

Gennaro explained as a child in Italy he would watch and learn from the masters themselves. That male grooming, cutting hair was a lifestyle and a journey that men chose for hours to stay in the salon and experience the art of cutting hair. He then went onto create his own organic unique way of hairstyling with GA Salon.

For any new customer, the concept of coming to GA salon is all about a journey. It takes hours to colour the hair. It took 5 hours to heal and restore my hair. It was an unbelievable experience.

gennaro salon

The Olive Tree

I am in Italy for a few months, in Tuscany the land of the Olive trees. I love sitting and watching olive trees as they are so powerful in what they can produce when it comes to eating and the oil, it is also perfect for the skin and hair. So as I was getting my hair washed and I was chatting to Gennaro, I knew exactly why that olive tree was in his garden. For me I asked Gennaro, where did he get that olive tree from?

It was his answer that truly defines his heart and passion for hair. That no other hairstylist will ever master what he has, because it’s in the very soul and heart of the man himself.

I drove four days to Sicily to get this olive tree. No olive tree in the world will match the Italian soil than bringing back an olive tree from Italy.

olive tree

Italian Job

Team GA Salon had alot of work to do. I wanted to be noticed and stand out amongst the big crowds at Sentebale Audi Concert. The day was so much fun, the journey was a slow build to an absolute best hair experience I have ever had. We were one big Italian family appreciating each other’s rare talents.

GA Salon Team

Manicure & Pedicure

The best region in the world for nail treatment and nail art for me is Asia. It is the only place I travel to get my nails looking amazing. When I am driving luxury cars the state of my nails and my nail art always get noticed. My hands are always in the public eye and I have built a reputation within the car industry regarding eccentric nail art. What does GA Salon have to offer to match my next Audi drive and on this occasion event?

We opted for silver flake as my outfit was very loud. The result was excellent and i liked how they took ownership in creating their own nail art for the evening.

nail art


nail art

Sentebale Audi Concert

Sentebale Audi Concert

I have been working with Audi UK for a few years now and driving an Audi is so much fun. Audi hosts amazing events so tonight is the very first , supported by HRH The Duke of Sussex, in the stunning grounds of Hampton Court Palace, Surrey on Tuesday 11th June 2019.

The concert was headlined by award-winning singer-songwriter Rita Ora, who will be joined by contemporary British and African performers, including the acclaimed spoken-word artist George the Poet (George Mpanga). It was a celebration of African and Western Culture and it was a night that rocked the palace!

Rita Ora sounded amazing live.

This unique and exciting occasion is in aid of Sentebale, the charity founded by The Duke of Sussex Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho to raise funds and awareness of the challenges faced by children and young people affected by HIV and AIDS in southern Africa, enabling them to lead healthy, happy and productive lives.

Red Carpet Treatment

The Sentebale Audi Concert was attended by HRH The Duke of Sussex and a host of big names including Tom Hardy, James Norton, with Rita Ora leading the line-up.

Sentebale Audi Concert 2019 from Sentebale on Vimeo.

The Audi team always know that at any of their events I pull out all the stops to get noticed too. As we all know people do judge a book by its cover. In order for me to walk the red carpet, the following needs to be addressed and tailored to my personal needs. My hair needs a bespoke service and a red carpet blow dry.

Sentebale Audi Concert Gracie Opulanza Sentebale Audi Concert

My nails require pampering on this occasion I am opting for gel as it is robust and during the evening I will be shaking a lot of hands. So the last issue I want is nail varnish chipping off it looks very unprofessional and I do have a reputation for outrageous nail art. My nails are always a nice ice breaker for new people that I meet.

In terms of facial beauty, a bespoke facial for me will highlight my olive skin, followed by shape and colour for eyebrows and lashes.

Sentebale Audi Concert

GA Salon Hair Treatment

GA Salon’s philosophy is based around a deeper understanding of natural, curative products. When using chemicals over a long period of time, hair weakens and you become a slave to the maintenance that follows. My current hair state is very dry, weak and the style is just odd, to say the least.

It is GA’s belief that using their methods can create beautiful, luxurious hair that grows healthier over time.

GA’s 20 signature blends are made using nothing but 100% natural and organic herbs, roots and flowers. The blends are then crafted and mixed around the individual for a truly bespoke service.

GA Wimbledon Park MenStyleFashion Gracie Opulanza (11)

The core ingredients is called Fenugreek Seeds and Roses.

GA Wimbledon Park MenStyleFashion Gracie Opulanza (11) GA Wimbledon Park MenStyleFashion Gracie Opulanza (11)

After we’ve looked at some recent pictures with Gennaro and they observed my state of the cut and colour. I knew instantly they were up for the challenge transformation. They could also notice I was nervous which is rare for someone like me. I made it clear that I wanted to grow my hair out and therefore not to end up with shorter hair. This is what makes the difference regarding GA Salon a confident hairdresser will assure and take over what needs to be done regarding sorting out colour and cut issues.

GA Wimbledon Park MenStyleFashion Gracie Opulanza (8)

We discussed lighter hair which requires a start treatment with Shatush, which is a very advanced technique of highlighting the hair in a natural way (so called sun-touched highlights) to avoid damage. My natural hair colour had red in it so the end result was like my hair ten years ago natural. This suits my lifestyle because I am in Italy right now and there is plenty of sun.

GA Wimbledon Park MenStyleFashion Gracie Opulanza (11)

My grey hair coverage needed attention and on this occasion, I had two options using either semi-permanent colour or GA bespoke organic colour. We continued with a treatment called Herbs SPA treatment for the hair which is also our crafted plant-based treatment and it’s tailored around the individual, so depending on my hair’s weaknesses GA will mix a strengthening blend.

GA Wimbledon Park MenStyleFashion Gracie Opulanza (11)

This felt and smelt amazing! Very natural and empowering experience

GA Wimbledon Park MenStyleFashion Gracie Opulanza (11)

GA Salon approach to my haircut was to shape my hair in the most suitable and easy to recreate the style. My hair was finished with a red carpet blow dry which had to match the week that was ahead.

Rock Chic Hair Style

Tonight I am wearing a collection from Benheart one of Italy’s famous leather designers. So my red carpet blow dry had to reflect a Rock Chic theme, Rita Ora is performing tonight so she is my inspiration.

Apart from this evening, June is the fashion month for menswear and after this event, a few hours later I am heading to Florence the fashion capital of the world when it comes to leather. I am attending Pitti Immagine where over 500 fashion stalls and fashion runways are happening. GA Salon final result will be put through its paces in the next 48 hours. I won’t have time to be washing my hair let alone doing my nails.

GA Wimbledon Park MenStyleFashion Gracie Opulanza (11)


Everything Royal is trending for the last year and therefore I need to look very pristine at Hampton Court Palace. Audi is hosting a private dinner. I will be talking to very important Audi members , and business opportunities normally get done during these events. Audi engineers are all about attention to detail. So my makeup needs to suit the event requirements as well as sending an impressionable message. I was in two minds to either go with heavy makeup or just get my natural features highlighted. I opted for a Joan Jett Rock ‘n roll look. My mission is to be remembered and thanks to GA Salon which are absolutely beautiful in design. And as for the experience and overall result. I no longer need to fly to Asia to look this great.

GA Salon gave me the confidence to meet and greet anyone this evening. I am my own PR and business opportunities are created on rare occasions by the way I present myself.

GA Wimbledon Park MenStyleFashion Gracie Opulanza (11)

La Dolce Vita Salon

In this manic social media world where we are also rushed to take a photo. Where time is never there because we choose not to use our time wisely is why GA Salon taught me so much today. Gennaro taught me and reminded me of the rare experiences in life today must be planned. The mindset must be a journey of patience, appreciation of the dedication that GA Salon has to offer. This technique is a lifetime of mastering the art of retaining the natural hair tones and condition. The experiences today was one I will take with me for a long time. It was people’s heart making sure that my events needs were sort after and nourished. When I turned up at the event throughout the evening strangers who never knew me kept complimenting me of my overall look.

Chatting to A-listers they too were impressed with what they saw. Remember we all do judge a book by it’s cover. I met some very influential people that were very impressed with what they saw.

This is a must experience but I do warn you. Once you experience GA Salon, there is really no turning back.

Sentebale Audi Concert Gracie Opulanza

I have not left a salon this happy in years! Gentlemen plenty of guys come here all the time!



  • Saloon visited: Wimbledon Park (another saloon is in Notting Hill, planned opening in Chelsea)
  • Website:
  • Address: 154 Arthur Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 8AQ, UK
  • Phone: +44 20 8946 4830

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