Benheart Italy – Luxury Bespoke Leather

Benheart Italy – Luxury Bespoke Leather

In 2019, across all the luxury brands around the globe who source their leather, it is Italian handmade leather that is the still the powerhouse of supply when it comes to leather goods. The best Italian leather goods are always sourced from Florence.

It is common knowledge that if anyone wants to command their personal sense of style and craftsmanship choices when it comes to leather goods then Made In Italy is still the strongest message of leather quality choice.

I grew up with the love of Italian leather products and my wardrobe for many years has and will always be stocked with leather jackets, leather bags, and leather shoes. I love the smell, feel and how leather looks after many years of it being worn. As well as driving, I have visited two of the most famous car companies in the world-renowned for their use of luxury and creative interior leather designs. You will never get anything better in quality, looks, and functionality durability than with these two car brands. For years these two luxury car companies have sourced their leather from many parts of the world including Italy Rolls Royce and Bentley.

When I am choosing my luxury cars to drive my prefered fashion fabric is leather. Leather outfits match the quality of my cars and lifestyle.

I chose Benheart because the design options are timeless, and edgy and the craftsmanship is second to none. Over several weeks, I have scouted other leather boutiques around Florence and Tuscany, but to date, nothing comes close to Benheart’s quality and design.

benheart leather florence benheart leather florence

Benheart Italy Bespoke Luxury Leather

I am in the historical city of Lucca Italy for a while as I wanted to return to my heritage to learn from those masters of craftsmanship when it comes to leather goods. I regard myself through a lifetime of purchasing leather as an expert when it comes to spotting high-quality leather. Lucca is a historical city with plenty of leather choices to buy from. As I was browsing I spotted the leather boutique called Benheart. From the onset, I immediately notice the difference in the design and quality of leather sold here.

Benheart leather Boutique Florence, Lucca and ItalyBenheart leather Boutique Florence, Lucca and Italy

Benheart was born from the team effort of two young Florentine entrepreneurs, both coming from Scandicci, a high fashion district renowned worldwide for its high quality artisanship in the production of leather clothing and accessories. Significantly, many among the best Italian and international Brands have their production facilities located in this district in the outskirts of Florence.

Benheart leather Boutique Florence, Lucca and Italy Obama

Jacket Style Designs

There is something very Lenny Kravitz about these jackets and it does not come as a surprise that he is one of many famous customers they have worked with. Benheart is well known around the globe for its quality bespoke leather collections. The jackets on the shelve for women go up to a size 46 which is small for international travellers. That is not an issue, Benheart takes your measurements and makes your very own bespoke leather jackets. This is clever because our body varies in size in so many ways regarding arms, breasts, shoulders and the protruding stomach.

Benheart leather Boutique Florence, Lucca and Italy

Colour Options

Its signature colours vary from blue, two red colours and tan. But the choice of leather colours is endless. On this occasion, I decided to opt for two colours that stood out and I have not got in my current wardrobe, burnt orange-red and blue. These colours are what instantly caught my eye and my heart, for 2019 it is my second skin colour.

Benheart leather Boutique Florence, Lucca and Italybenheart

Gracie Opulanza Bespoke Jacket

Nothing is ever straightforward for me when it comes to choosing a leather jacket. At Benheart I spotted the leather jacket style I wanted. Which was a biker jacket but the colour was not what I wanted. The jacket was too small and the lining was not what I liked. This is the advantage of bespoke leather designs. I could for the first time in my life get the very jacket I desired. I opted for a dark burgundy lamb leather with a black collar and black sleeves. I chose a butterfly silk lining, just love the print. The measurements were taken and in no time the order was placed. This was my personal jacket and inside the lining, my name was sown, which for me was really brilliant. Me standing next to founder Ben Heart and the order was made in less than 10 days.

Benheart Florence leather Gracie Opulanza

The style of jacket I chose.

Leather Bags and Backpacks

The bag’s designs have a great functionality aspect, they are stylish and edgy. I have scouted around Lucca and Florence and these bags and backpacks are timeless pieces I would invest in. The colours are stunning and I opted for mustard it just spoke to my heart and is a colour that does not suit my skin type when it comes to leather jackets. However, it looks great as a backpack on me. This is the beauty about Benheart a colour preference doesn’t have to always suit all skin types. But with these accessories, you can add it to your existing wardrobe as a separate stylish piece.

Benheart leather Boutique Florence, Lucca and Italy Benheart Italy - Luxury Bespoke Leather Lucca Italy Florence (4)


All of my shoes are leather, I love the feel and look of leather shoes. My feet are my masters of travel and I always look after them. Benheart’s shoe choices are all about boot style. On this occasion, I opted for slim tan fitted boots. These boots look very stylish, feel great and can be worn throughout the autumn and summer seasons. The heel is not too high and therefore perfect for walking and driving. The material bag given with these shoes is unique and environmentally friendly.


Handmade Leather Belts

Its leather belts are a taste of contemporary style with all the hallmarks of traditional craftsmanship. The belts are handmade, and that only get better with age. You can choose your leather hide and buckle that reflects your style let alone your mood board.

Leather belts benheart italy

Sentebale Audi Concert Hampton Court Palace

I have reviewed many Audi‘s in the last few years and to celebrate mental health awareness I was invited to a Sentebale Audi Concert at Hampton Court Palace. The concert was headlined by award-winning singer-songwriter Rita Ora, who was joined by contemporary British and African performers. Including the acclaimed spoken-word artist George the Poet (George Mpanga). This concert is the very first ever Sentebale Audi Concert, supported by HRH The Duke of Sussex. Everyone loved my jacket!

Gracie Opulanza wearing Benheart leather jacket at Sentebale Audi Concert

Gracie Opulanza wearing Benheart leather jacket at Sentebale Audi Concert

It was a celebration of African and Western Culture which was a night that rocked the palace!

Sentebale Audi Concert 2019 from Sentebale on Vimeo.

My outfits have to match my rock chick lifestyle. So teaming with Benheart was the perfect fit to give Rita Ora and this Africans a run for their charity money.

When it comes to mental health for me wearing the clothes you love makes all the difference to how I feel and behave. Benheart leather goods gave me a turbo boost of confidence when standing right beside these rock stars and the best Audi engineers in the world.

Gracie Opulanza wearing Benheart leather jacket at Sentebale Audi ConcertGracie Opulanza wearing Benheart leather jacket at Sentebale Audi Concert

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