Gareth Pugh Boots – Get The Rock Star Look

Gareth Pugh Boots – Get The Rock Star Look

Gareth Pugh boots 2012

The radical geometries of Gareth Pugh’s desaturated styles are like armory for innovative night fighters.

Gareth creates more of a sense of adventure and the essence of British fashion. Men if you want to stand out this winter this is the designer you need to embrace. Gareth Pugh’s distinctive collection for autumn/winter brings together strong architectural lines with  references to ceremonial religious clothing. His designs are thoroughly modern and distinctive and they rock.

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His boot collections represent the “Rock Star Image” and add to the designer’s distinctive style. Cut from thick and smooth premium leather, these heavy boots fit to just below the knee. Their chunky shape is partly hidden, but also accented, by the thick leather straps which band the boot from the toe to the top-line.

Built on a thick and rugged hard-rubber sole, the boots are zipped up the rear via chunky gold-coloured zippers, a signature of Gareth Pugh’s collection for autumn/winter. These boots fit true to size and are made in Italy. His collections are always black and if you shop smart you can just slowly add parts of his rock star style to your existing wardrobe.

Gareth Pugh mens high strapped boot

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Gareth Pugh mens high strapped boot have this on sale right now

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