Jigsaw – Preview Of Men’s Autumn/Winter Collection 2012

Jigsaw – Preview Of Men’s Autumn/Winter Collection 2012

Jigsaw For Men

Jigsaw launches its first-ever men’s winter collection for 2012. It is a heart warmer to see that Jigsaw taps into being one of the fashion labels resuscitating British clothes manufacturing using quality materials.

Design Director Frances Walker, a former designer for Nicole Farhi, applies her ability towards this collection basing it on textile quality and contemporary style.

Frances describes that Jigsaws target market aims at men who appreciate long-term fashion investments. Hence reflecting Jigsaw’s prices ranging from £350 to £500 pounds for a jacket. She is very passionate and clear that this collection is all about the quality of the material and its durability. She highlights that this approach will bring new and loyal customers wanting to return to the store.

Frances is using traditional British style and cuts we all know so well but added unique elements to it. The common fabric colours are chambray, navy, camel and chino, popped with white and tomato red which creates a demanding look.

The key fabrics through the collection are washed wool, corduroy and moleskin. The fabrics combined a mixture of stressed materials is what gives this collection an added edge. Her neutral jacket designs work really well. She also uses different types of lining and patterns inside the jacket. This is very bang-on-trend and youthful.

Her approach to men’s accessories is very clever. The choice of scarves colours, using strip designs just completes the look. It is very versatile. Frances favourite pieces for this collection are the Bordeaux white striped scarves and the long chambray jacket. The stand out pieces for Jigsaw, include the Tartan End-on-End Shirt, the Cord Moleskin Jacket and my favourite the Velvet Alpaca Jacket. These styles enable lots of versatile looks for men of all ages.

Frances loves the chunky knitted cable patchwork sweater and the tartan front cardigan. The washed wool duffel coat in deep Bordeaux red is gorgeous. My prediction is that it will be a real hot favourite. Jigsaw’s tapped into its summer favourites such as the hooded cotton coat and the cotton canvas blazer and reworked these into the coming Winter collection.

The coming collection also sees an edited selection of evening-wear pieces including an elegant black shawl collar tuxedo, a heavy herringbone double-breasted coat, a silk spot scarf and a white bib short. For a more relaxed style Jigsaw, the washed indigo bib short will be one of the hot favourites.

Jigsaw taps into a niche market by creating pieces for men of all ages. So save your pennies as this collection will be showcased in the men’s stand-alone store in Spitalfields from the beginning of August.

checkered,tartan shirt A/W 2012 jigsaw men

jigsaw men neck tie,2012 dotted

jigsaw men,yellow velvet jacket,2012

red mens jacket,jigsaw

tweed jigsaw mens jumper

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