Generation Eyewear Launches Its New Collection

Generation Eyewear Launches Its New Collection

Generation Eyewear announces today its partnership with Fabbricatorino Eyewear, an eyewear manufacturer based in Turin, Italy. In 2019 Generation Eyewear was founded by Hugo Barbé, a Parisian entrepreneur currently residing in Los Angeles, California alongside his lovely wife.

The brand first launched offering some of the best eyewear reviews found on the internet now. Today, Generation Eyewear is launching its own collection alongside with Fabbricatorino. The selection consists of skillfully chosen glasses with an array of different styles and colours appealing to eyewear enthusiasts everywhere. These affordable luxury glasses are handcrafted in Italy and shipped directly to your door, for free. The brand’s approach is eco-friendly and the design is classic, colourful and durable.

Targeted towards men and women who fancy luxury eyewear but would like to add to their collection an affordable frame that is handmade with uniquely crafted techniques other luxury brands do not offer. Generation Eyewear aims to unite present, future and past generational history through art branded as eyewear.

Generation Eyewear Launches Its New Collection

The Collection

Generation Eyewear was established with two main things in mind: providing high-quality products with outstanding customer service. In early 2020, Hugo decided to partner with an Italian company originally known for producing Bakelite objects for industrial purposes, such as electrotechnical elements, switches and electrical sockets, radio reception equipment.

Fabbricatorino was born in 1922 and its collection is recognized for its high-quality Italian craftsmanship and innovation. Generation Eyewear and Fabbricatorino aim to always search for avant-garde techniques and design inspiration. This summer collection is for those who do not need to follow trends but want to impose their own unique way of being.

It seduces a niche of curious and attentive individuals, who seek beauty and exclusivity in a product combined with the values of innovation and Italian artisanal tradition as well as an outstanding customer experience.

The frames are made from blocks of Italian Mazzuchelli acetate milled and entirely finished by hand. Inspired by generations of the past, some iconic styles were also remade to offer the best version of it. Polished through and artisanal tumbling process that consists of four 24-hour cycles. Smoothed from birch sticks, pumice stone and essential oils, the masterpieces acquire a unique shine and last over time. Hand-finished in every single detail, they capture the true the essence of the Italian artisanal tradition mixed with innovation.

Generation Eyewear Launches Its New Collection

Made In Italy

A very special edition called FT-LAB has been designed by the famous Italian fashion designer Giuseppe Buccinnà. It is composed of high-end frames that feature voluminous shapes supported by imposing five-flared hinges that give those limited editions their luxury appeal and sense of durability.

Retail prices: from 215 $ to 425 $ for the FT-LAB limited special edition (Pre Order)

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