It is exciting taking off the glasses in favour of a pair of colored contact lenses that you receive delivered right to your front door. Online ordering is super convenient with your optometrist prescription/measurements and after some careful research to find a trusted source with quality products.

A reputable online company like those at verifies your doctor’s order to make sure the contacts are perfect for you. The resource will also guide you if you need advice on color choices that complement and look natural instead of standing out as an altered shade.

In the first few days with the devices, there will be adjustments in learning application, perhaps a new prescription from the glasses, and breaking psychological habits of wearing glasses like pushing them up on your nose constantly.

Placing something in your eye might be a bit intimidating, as is making sure not to damage such small intricate devices. Vision is precious, making safety optimally important when deciding to go with contacts for your vision impairment along with glasses – merely as a backup.

Helpful Hints for Newbies to Contacts and Coloured Lenses

If you are new to contact lenses, it is a significant change from glasses. Still, if you decide your first pair will be colored lenses, you will want to find a top-notch online resource that offers only high-quality natural-looking lenses. Click here for guidance on buying colored contacts online.

In some cases, a reputable company will guide you in how to choose appropriate shades. Also, some places, even optometrists, will allow patients short-term trials in their prescription so they can make an educated decision. The idea is that no one can tell that you are wearing the devices. Some brands offer natural-looking lenses like these.

Not only will these resources help guide you to colors that will complement, but they will also give tips and tricks for a newcomer to contact lenses overall. A trusted brand wants a new client to feel safe and comfortable with devices that can be a bit scary to work with initially. Some helpful hints include:

Fear Is Anticipated

People attach much fear with contact lens applications like the potential for the eye to become scratched when placing the piece or that it might get lodged behind the eye. While your optometrist and the source from whom you buy will attempt to calm the fears, only time, practise, and patience with yourself will help you to relax.

In the beginning, everyone is awkward, but it is okay if you inadvertently touch your eye because you will always wash your hands before dealing with the lenses and your eyes.

As far as losing the device beyond the eye (I am quoting) – “the inside of your eyelids are attached to the back of your eye” – so have no fear. It is not going anywhere.

Cleanliness Is Crucial

Cleaning should be thorough and often. You will receive precise instructions on how to care for your specific-colored lenses. You do not want to merely add to the solution sitting in the case. The protocol is generally to massage the lenses with the solution and clean and refresh the case.

The recommendation for contact lens cases is to wash them each morning and rinse thoroughly, letting them rest inverted and uncapped to air out on a clean towel throughout the day. The containers need replacing at least every third month. For those who prefer less maintenance, you can look into daily disposable. But for quality-colored lenses, this will be the regimen.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

Your optometrist will give you a prescription that comprises measurements for your specific-colored contact lenses so you can buy them online or in the brick-and-mortar market. An optometrist will provide basic guidelines on wear, placement, replacement schedule, and what not to do.

These instructions need following precisely for the safety of your eye health. If you stray from the directions, like sleeping in your contacts, you are putting your vision at risk. It is not to the benefit of your eyes to attempt to make your own rules. Use the products the professional recommends. These will likely be top-grade with natural-looking shades.

You want to avoid substituting the products you use to care for your lenses with even store-bought options unless you speak with your doctor to see if they compare to those suggested. The recommended solution is specific to the lens you receive. To stray from that can affect the devices.

If you buy from a reputable resource online, it is wise to keep your optometrist in the loop. The provider can keep you on a follow-up schedule to make sure prescriptions remain the same, answer questions if you have difficulties with the lenses, and handle any emergencies about vision or eye health.

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Final Thought

Getting contact lenses, especially colored varieties, is an exciting changeover from glasses. You’ll still need to keep the glasses as a backup since your eyes will need to breathe apart from the contacts after being in for an extended time, but in general, you can put them aside.

As a rule, many people feel a bit intimidated in the beginning, both in handling the intricate devices and working with their eyes. It is a natural fear and one that will merely take time to relax. As you become comfortable that you cannot lose the lens in the eye socket, and you will not harm the lens or your eye (wash your hands always) if you treat both with care, you will slowly lose the fear.

Buying colored contact lenses online is a super convenient way to obtain medical devices. It is essential to have a prescription/measurement from your optometrist who can provide recommendations for a top-grade source from whom you can get the highest quality and most natural-looking products.

Between the online resource and your doctor, you will gain guidance on color choices, placing the lenses, maintenance and care, and replacement schedules. Optimally important is to follow the suggestions you receive to get the most from your lenses and retain healthy vision.