Get Noticed – The Up And Coming Men’s Fashion Brands

Get Noticed – The Up And Coming Men’s Fashion Brands

Goldsauce Denim Jackets

Get Noticed

Fashion has never before been so popular and every day, a new online store or brand is established. However, getting started in the industry is often quite difficult. As a photographer, I would not have been able to get where I am today without the help of up and coming labels. It’s important not to forget that new brands continue to come into the fashion world and wearing their stuff not only helps them survive and establish themselves, but often works out extremely well in terms of value for money.

Brands such as Goldsauce, a Men’s fashion brand which was launched at the beginning of this year and is currently thriving through the use of the ASOS marketplace are a key example of how to get started using other mainstream labels. Up and coming brands such as this are great for those of you wanting to stay in tip-top shape, in style and have a relatively low budget.

Goldsauce Denim Jackets


Where To Find The Best Men’s Looks

Scanning through sites such as Etsy and the ASOS Marketplace, the internet is rife with new names and unknown brands, that who knows, may become the next Dolce & Gabbana. Pick and choose the pieces you like and create a look that’s individual to you, and that no one else on the planet will have.

If you want to be controversial, you can always mix and match. Why not try a designer shirt and trousers complimented by a pair of statement shoes from an unknown brand. This is how to attract attention, giving yourself that unique flare that no one else has.

There’s nothing bad about being seen wearing a piece of unique clothing. With the likes of Kate Middleton and Cara Delavigne showing up to events wearing high-street labels, why not become the next David Gandy yourself and get known in your social circles as “the one who looks good”. The best way to do this is compliment your outfit with the help of an upcoming brand.

Keep It Casual, But Trendy

If you want to keep it casual, Chrome and Chase is a great Men’s leisurewear brand that offers both quality and style. Check out these great upcoming labels for your own piece before they start popping up on the high street – and if you prefer to shop on the street, London’s Brick Lane is one of the best locations for vintage and upcoming labels tucked away in the corners of the less-well-known shops.

Goldsauce Denim Jackets

Photography by Alexander Barnes

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