6 Reasons to Sport a Hipster Beard

6 Reasons to Sport a Hipster Beard

‘Your beard is not a beard unless it’s Hipster.’ A man’s beard is defined by the way he keeps it. The ‘Beard’ is not just facial grass but a result of months of patience and perseverance. The longer, bigger and thicker you grow, the better will be your beard. The Hipster beard is one of the finest beard styles for men since it outgrows most of the other beard styles.

Let us look at some of the reasons as to why every man’s beard should be a Hipster beard.

The Bigger, The Better


The journey of a man from being clean-shaven to a full-grown beard is worth the wait. The hipster beard, like its name, looks totally rad when it comfortably hangs from the lower part of your face. In comparison to any other beard style, it takes much longer and much care to bear one, so all the more reason you should be wearing it. *Why be a King when you can be a Viking*

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