Giddy-Up – Tips on Dressing Like a Cowboy

Giddy-Up – Tips on Dressing Like a Cowboy

In the world of fashion, past trends often make a comeback. Some trends are even considered as timeless, such that you can never go wrong in wearing a certain fashion style no matter the year. Such is the cowboy style that seems to never go out of the fashion trend. If you are keen on dressing up as a cowboy, then the tips below will definitely be of help.



The first thing that you would notice in Western fashion is the presence of a cowboy hat. In the past, you would be able to know where a cowboy is from by merely looking at the type of hat he wears. A cowboy’s hat keeps his head cool by shielding it from the direct rays of the sun. It also protects a cowboy’s eyes from the dirt in the arena. More often than not, true blue cowboys opt for old and worn out hats with a shape that has been formed through constant use.

Nowadays, cowboy hats are more of a fashion statement. You have the option of going for a felt hat because it is more durable than a straw hat. Nevertheless, Stetson straw hats tend to be a cooler option during the hot summer months.


If you want to project a true cowboy aura, wear button-down, long-sleeved Western shirts. You can opt for plain shirts, but you also won’t go wrong with those bearing classic prints. Shirts that come in a plaid pattern is also a good option. Some cowboys prefer to wear simple T-shirts but only when they won’t be working for long under the heat of the sun. Regardless of a button-down shirt or a plain T-shirt, the overall look you project should be a bit rugged. However, the important thing is that you are comfortable with the shirt you are wearing. For instance, opt for thicker shirts to be worn during the winter season and go for lighter shirts in the hot summer months.

Moving further along, you can even use a duster or a long leather jacket with rather large buttons that are easier to use even with gloves on. This proves to be beneficial particularly when the weather is cold. However, during a warmer day, a sturdy leather vest is a good alternative.


When it comes to bottoms, cowboys wear signature jeans and this is what you should go after too. Stick to brands that cater to an authentic cowboy style such as Wrangler or Cinch. You can choose any style and cut of jeans such as a straight cut or a boot cut, whichever you prefer, but it is important that it fits you perfectly. Your jeans should not be too tight or too loose, and it should also come in an appropriate length.


A good pair of leather boots with a hard wooden heel is the key to completing your cowboy look. There are great Western boots and moccasins that come in different colors for you to choose from. But your safest bet would be a roper-style boot with a flat heel and a round toe. Wearing cowboy boots can get some time to get used to because the heels, along with the rather hard toes are designed to make it easy for the cowboy to ride a horse comfortably. Nonetheless, boots with a higher heel are good for riding but it can be pretty uncomfortable if you are doing more of the walking.


You can go extreme and strap on the chaps but remember that this is only used by cowboys working at the rodeo. Accessories such as the perfect belt can already tie up your overall outfit. Cowboys often wear a belt with a large trophy buckle that signifies his capability to carry the weight in the arena. There are also those cowboys who prefer wide leather belts with an equally large metal buckle. Other than a trophy buckle, western themes or the initials of the cowboy can also be featured in the belt buckle. However, you can always tone down and keep your outfit simple but put together by wearing a small silver-buckle belt to enhance your waist area.


Everyday Carry For Cowboys

Do you want to look and act like a real cowboy? If yes, don’t miss these essential functional everyday cowboy must-haves:  

  • Flashlight: Every cowboy’s everyday carry includes a durable flashlight with water and dust resistance. Choose one that you can conveniently carry in your jean pockets. A flashlight comes in handy during outdoor trips and adventures. It’s also a convenient tool if you’re horse riding at night or got lost in the western fields.  
  • Chrono Watch: Cowboys are always on time. A cowboy’s watch with a solar-powered battery and super illuminator auto double LED light is a cool accessory that can provide you with the accurate time to perform your duties efficiently.   
  • Custom Knife: Custom knives symbolize true cowboys. They’re usually handed down from one generation to another by male family members. In addition, a custom knife is a handy tool for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and other cowboy adventures.  
  • Multi-Tool Kit: A multi-tool kit in one hand-carry is a must. It contains a screwdriver, bottle or can openers, and other handy tools for emergency repairs and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects.  

Do you want to know the other everyday carry cowboy must-have items? Check out what is EDC accessories here.

To wrap things up, dressing up as a cowboy is quite effortless but you need to keep your look a little rugged. Thereby, look for the right headgear, as well as a top and bottom pair that can effectively present a Western look. Add to this the perfect pair of shoes, enhance your outfit with the right accessories, and you are on your way to yodelayheehoo. Protection Status

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