Swain Boots Handmade From A 1918 Design

Swain Boots Handmade From A 1918 Design

Be Part of Swain

If you join to be part of Swain Boots you join something that is simple but comfortable, light yet strong and something to express you of your own individuality. You are also part of boot making history dating back till 1918.

Swain The Resurrection Of Boot Making History.

Back in 1918 in a small village in Portugal in a time that people were starving, there lived a man named Mendes and he decided to do something about his situation. With his hands and no use of machinery he created a beautiful handcrafted pair of boots. He showed it to the local craftsmen and they were impressed: “Keep doing your work young man, the boots are perfectly made”. The next week young Mendes went to the local market and sold all the boots he made.

That was the start of a flourishing business with more than 20 men joining the workshop including his youngest son. The business was passed over from father to son. However as the years past competition came in from industrial made boots. The workshop was closed but the market selling continued.

This year Rodrigo one of Mendes’s grandsons decided to bring the old boot making workshop back in business with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. We now live in a time where individuality and craftsmanship are valued and you can be part of it, be part of Swain.

Swain One Simple Design

Good designs are simple ones. The Swain boot is about designing less and let yourself express your own individuality. These boots are perfect for both him and her.


Designed For Comfort All Year Round

The Swain Boots materials were chosen to get you the best comfort all year around. The interior is made of a fine layer of leather, the anatomical footbed and the strong 7mm rubber sole will give you an easy walk. The final touch comes from the outer smooth skin of suede leather.

Beautiful But Simple Package

The package for Swain is as simple as the boot. The boots come in a beautiful and simple wooden box.

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Swain is manufactured in northern Portugal. Along with Italy, Portugal makes the best handmade quality shoes of the world. It is selling some samples and the feedback is great. With your help, it will be able to start a production line. Its first milestone will be 1000 SWAIN pairs, and Swain has a timeline of 10 weeks to deliver the last one. Thereby, the first backers will receive first. The next one thousand pairs will take 20 weeks and so on. Remember, Swain are perfect to wear all year round. It will produce from size 36 to 46 (EUR). Join the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to resurrect this handmade boot making tradition dating back to 1918 and be part of it, be part of Swain.

Swain. Designed from 1918.

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