Gifts For a World Traveller Who Has Seen and Done Everything

Gifts For a World Traveller Who Has Seen and Done Everything

Travelling is a beautiful experience that everyone should have. There is something special about being able to experience a new world outside of the one you are used to. For those gifting to someone who has done their fair share of travelling and seems to have seen and done everything, it might be a little difficult to find the perfect gift. You want to personalize their gift with just as much excitement as their travels give them. If you are having a hard time deciding, here are some great gift ideas for the world explorer in your life.

A Journal or Notebook

For the traveller that has seen and done everything, a notebook or journal is a great gift to help this person record their many experiences and stories. And if they set out on another travel adventure, they can record their experiences as they happen. This is perfect for helping people on their personal journeys and provides an opportunity for self-reflection. There are many different gifts to consider when travelling, but a notebook is a perfect choice for almost any person with wanderlust. As connected as people are with technology and smartphones, there is something special about handwritten excerpts of one’s adventures.

notebook to write notes

Write your travel notes in a notebook

Travel Apparel

For the world traveller, their clothing and fashion sense may differ from everyone else’s. Their desire to be mobile keeps their clothing selection modest and minimal. If you are looking at gifting some clothes to a traveller, look for functional pieces that can be used on a travel adventure. This translates to moisture-wicking or water-resistant material, breathable clothes, or warming pieces for colder climates. Consider where this person enjoys travelling most and tailor your selection accordingly.

Rohan Momentum waterproof jacket

Rohan Momentum waterproof jacket


The traveller spends a lot of their time on their feet, out and about, exploring the cities or nature. A good pair of shoes can wear down rather quickly, so consider gifting your world seeker a pair of durable and appropriate climate shoes. There are some great new innovations with shoes as well. Ones that are water-resistant or even waterproof are great for exploring areas or places close to the water. The person receiving these shoes will be sure to put them to good use and appreciate the thought you put in when considering their gift.

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX hiking shoes

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX hiking shoes


A backpack may not be as susceptible to the same wear and tear as a pair of sneakers, but for the well-travelled person, they may be looking to replace their backpack after some time out in the world. If you want to help reignite the passion for getting out there in someone who has already seen their fair share of the world, getting a new backpack could be the item that sparks their passion back up and forces them to put it to good use. Make sure you get something that they will be able to manoeuvre comfortably with and still carry all their essential needs.



For the traveller that plans to continue travelling, getting them a camera is the perfect gift idea if they do not already have one. This is the perfect gift. Like a notebook, a camera allows a person to document and record all their experiences, except now they can capture a moment visually. Photographs are perfect ways to remember your time spent travelling and the people you meet and places you’ve visited. A lot of the time, your travels can be forgotten, but you are easily transported back in time through pictures.

travel and photography


For those that want to stay mobile and not carry around a camera or the equipment, you should consider mobile lenses that attach to a smartphone. Everyone these days has a phone, and the cameras on them are great. But the one thing they lack and cannot compete with physical cameras is the lens’s ability to capture certain scenes and moments. This is where a simple lens attachment shines, as it helps provide that camera-like feel while still allowing you to stay mobile without carrying bulky lenses. A good complimentary gift to cameras or lenses would be a physical photo album, to help store photographs for safekeeping.

camera lens


For the traveller that likes to move at their own pace and is also a big reader, consider getting this person an e-reader. These electronic devices essentially act as a portable library, allowing you to carry hundreds and thousands of books, no matter where you are. They operate without wifi connectivity, and will typically last several weeks on a single charge. They are also inexpensive compared to other tablets and are lightweight compared to carrying around a few pairs of books in your packs. These are the perfect companions for many book-loving travellers in your life.

reading the kindle on the beach

Whether you have experienced the world and are looking to rekindle your wanderlust, or are new to the globetrotting life, there are many different ideas for that person. You just need to take a little time to consider their personality to find that perfect gift for them. Protection Status

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