Narcos To Become A Luxury Fashion Brand

Narcos To Become A Luxury Fashion Brand

The Netflix original series “Narcos” is widely regarded as one of the best TV shows of the decade, Empire even ranking it in the Top 100 all-time. The three seasons and 30 episodes show aired from 2015-2017, but made a lasting impression among viewers.

The historical crime drama focuses on the criminal exploits of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. It presents his life, from the early ‘70s to the aftermath of his death, in 1993. At the time of his killing, Escobar had an unofficial fortune of $30 billion, making him the wealthiest criminal in history. In today’s money, that would be roughly double the sum.

The drug kingpin was the founder and the leader of the Medellin Cartel, and through the series, we get to see more sides of the same story. The Brazilian Wagner Moura plays Escobar, while the series features other known actors, like Brett Cullen, who is a former navy office sent as a US ambassador to Colombia in 1992.

And while the filmmakers had to invent some of the events, the overall story is authentic, and that is a good reason when critics chose to highly acclaim it. Wagner Moura was nominated for the Golden Globe for the best actor in a television series – drama, in 2016. In the same year, “Narcos” received a nomination for the Best Television – Drama Golden Globe.

No wonder, then, the movie got so popular that it is becoming a luxury fashion brand for men, Narcos Los Angeles. Inspired by the series, the brand will include military jackets and pants, graphic floral T-shirts and hoodies, as well as soccer uniform sets.


Clothing Line

But the lines crossed and the collision between entertainment and fashion doesn’t stop at just clothing. There will also be jewelry and other accessories for men. The jewelry brand is made in Los Angeles and will be available both in gold and in .925 sterling silver. All the retro-inspired fashion items will be available for the public later this year.

The brand is produced by the French film studio Gaumont, the oldest in the world, along with and the Los Angeles-based e-commerce platform Dropdaze. The licensing partnership between the two has been brokered by Narcos’ global licensing agency, Evolution. Given that the biggest part of Escobar’s career was in the ‘80s, the fashion items will be a replica of those years.

The price of the clothing and the other lifestyle goods is yet unknown, but one big hint is that they are luxury items, as mentioned before. That means you don’t necessarily have to see the series or be a fan of it to wear the new collection. You might as well like good fashion, retro fashion, and luxury brands.

And it is not just fashion brands to gain from the show’s success, but also video game producers benefited from the series’ popularity. The international game developer Kuju launched “Narcos: Rise of the Cartels” in November 2019, which is available on PlayStation 4. NetEnt also launched an amazing online video slot Narcos in May 2019. You can try it for free or with real money on Unibet Casino.

The video slot has 5 reels and an RTP of over 96%, and will get you back in the ‘70s and ‘80s Columbia atmosphere. It also reminds of the Grand Theft Auto console game.

Style fashion and casino games often go hand in hand. We’re not talking Bond movies here, but real-life experience, when you dress to impress on your casino date or dress for success at the poker tables. After all, casino games can be the perfect hobby for men. Protection Status

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