Green Suits For men and eyewear

Green can be a colour that men overlook. Maybe because a lot of uniforms fabrics are made using the colour green. There are so many different shades of green and some can add to your moods but when worn well it can literally have us girls gasping for more. And for this coming winter it seems that men are rocking in this mean colour called green.

How To Choose You Colour Green?

Simple head down to your local department store with mates in toe and try on as many different shades of green. T-shirts are easy to throw on and off. Ask the shop assistants for their input as well. The shade that compliments your skin tone is the colour for you. What is you skin tone? You need to understand this rule. So for example guys with brown hair, eyes or dark skin look good in bright colors. If you have light features then opt for cooler colours like grey or more so pastels like pale blue and green, as well as navy and khaki. These are certainly a rocking good start. I find when I choose my colours it’s an instant yes or no. Go with your fashion gut instinct. We all have it. Take note when someone goes, hey great colour on you, then you know it’s a winner. A cracker of a complimentary colour for green is orange.

Green Suits You

For me it’s a perfect autumn colour for business. a statement that you’re warming to the cold winter months. I find the cut of your suit can either make or break this colour. If chosen wrong it can look very out dated. You have decide and learn what style suits are for you. Double breasted suits don’t flatter every man. And certainly the tight fitting suit can be worn wrong if it’s all too small. The shade of green you go for is crucial here.


Brown shoes always compliment this colour or burnt orange suede. Depending on the seasons double monks can look very flattering, yes even going sockless. White and light blue shirts will brighten up your green and again either brown or orange ties will just complete your overall look. Don’t add to much to this colour let the green speak for itself.

Robert Pattinson and Ryan Gosling wearing green suits 

Green Suits For men Top Hats

Great colour suit style to old

Green Double Breasted Suit

Jonathan Lindeberg green suit menswear

Lace Green Top and black