Men’s Winter Coats – Design, Colour, Patterns, It’s All In The Detail

Men’s Winter Coats – Design, Colour, Patterns, It’s All In The Detail

Men’s Winter Coats

Being in full swing of Autumn and making way for the approaching Winter season is a way for us to gain insight on how we can paint the bare canvas which nature creates for us. This gives us an opportunity to allow style to shine. While most take cover in shelter and choose not to brave the elements, the courageous few will take to the streets and roads laying claim to what is rightfully theirs- the right to walk the earth without opposition. Making a statement while taking cover against the severity of the weather is no easy feat.

Simplicity in form is your coat

The one layer that is most important and often overlooked, not because of it’s a critical role in function, but because of its simplicity in form, is your coat. The top-most layer that is seen by all takes a step back against the ensembles that are hidden underneath it.
This season, take design and style to the next level with colour, pattern and details that will turn heads while keeping you looking cool and feeling warm at the same time. Instead of going for a plain black or grey wool coat with an easy button or zipper closures, choose wool coats with military details like epaulettes, multiple pockets, and non-functional, stylish buttons. Another way to layer up and bring a complete interest to your look is by wearing a trench coat. Trenches have stepped up from just the normal average- they are no longer just beige.  A mix of features like leather sleeves and unexpected hardware makes for an unmatched appeal.

Fabrics for your coat

Colour and fabric mix plays a part too. Vibrant colours that are often left to the Spring/Summer seasons provide welcome relief. Liven the senses and awaken a new side of the season by shedding a lightness that is associated with colour. Shake off the neutrals and set a forward blaze. Colour-play allows you to experiment with your wardrobe in ways that you may not have thought of before. Shearling and fur collars add an extra layer of warmth but also acts as a soft accessory to call attention at a full scale.
Seize opportunities in style and show that it is on the top of your list. By outwardly displaying your creativity with the use of your apparel as a vehicle, you challenge yourself to take chances. In turn, this leads to a trail of inspiration that others will look forward to following.
Versace black military coat 2012
Versace has just given this jacket such a stylish edge for 2012
belstaff overcoat winter
Belstaff has given us a re-vamp on the motorbike fashion this 2012
Belstaff fur coat for men
Belstaff fur coat, is all the rage this winter 2012
Hugo Boss winter coat for men
Hugo Boss gives an added edge by using traditional materials
zara long winter coat beige for men
Zara, embracing camel bone colours this 2012
Tommy Hilfiger burgundy long winter coat
Tommy Hilfiger, leather and wool statement is just gorgeous

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