Grenson Shoes – Blitz and Edwin Biker Boots

Grenson Shoes – Blitz and Edwin Biker Boots

LCM: Grenson Shoes ‘Shoe Heaven’

For any person who appreciates fine craftsmanship, Grenson is the shoe brand for you. A heritage brand launched over 100 years ago, Grenson has gone through a great change in the last 10 years. Its current CEO was recruited back in 2005 and went on to not only revamp the brand but also purchase it in 2010. Since then Grenson has gone from strength to strength with their products now being retailed on sites such as Mr Porter and in stores such as Selfridges, House of Fraser and Liberty’s. This is along with their now 4 stores across London and Liverpool.

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Grenson CEO and Owner Tim Little highlighted that Grenson is all about quality, whilst the actual assembling of the shoe is offshored all components are manufactured in the UK. This gives Grenson the ability to ensure that all their products are to the highest standard and giving the consumer value for their money. When discussing why Grenson offshores part of its production Tim commented that it was a way of making the brand affordable to a larger audience. G:2 range which is assembled off shore but all our other ranges (G:One, G:Zero and G:LAB) are handmade in our Factory in Northampton.

Men Leading the Way

Whilst at the Grenson showcase I had the chance to speak with their head of PR Alison Hargreaves. Alison, who was an absolute blast to talk with, told me how men were leading the way when it came to understanding and appreciating quality craftsmanship. Alison discussed how many men bring their girlfriends with them when they visit Grenson.  These women subsequently start to appreciate that quality made products are far better than the disposable fashion the female market has become accustom to.

Grenson X Edwin X Blitz

Grenson were not only showcasing their SS15 line but also celebrating the launch of a new collaboration with Edwin Denim Co and Blitz Custom Motorcycles. Grenson were approached by Blitz and Edwin to develop a line of biker boots. Exquisitely made, these boots are not only for guys who ride motorcycles, but anyone who appreciates a well-designed, expertly crafted piece of footwear. Available in September 2014 I would recommend if you are thinking about purchasing a new pair of boots or any shoes for that matter head to Grenson.

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Grenson shoes with Blitz motor cycles

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