Watch – Twelve Faces of The Watchmen

Watch – Twelve Faces of The Watchmen

The clocks were set to Sunday 15th of June and the setting London Collections : Men day one. Following the Topman show I was swiftly approached by ‘The Telegraph’s very own Caitlin McDonald, Hannah Silver and Photographer Brian Sweeney for a feature they were compiling on wrist accessories. The watch is a functional object and has to be reliable for good time keeping whether it be fashion, appointments or meetings. Anyone wishing to analyse the style of a person opposite should not forget to glance at that persons watch, like their clothes it can paint an interesting conclusion on that person their character and personal style etc….

What Type Of Watch Do You Like?

Do you prefer a reliable timekeeper that does not depend on a battery and can even be repaired after decades? Are you a sports lead and need a watch that is waterproof shockproof or durable? The decision on a watch is down to personal needs and expectations and of course a watch should match the owners style and dress or occasion.

Many things are important when selecting a good watch choosing the right metal material and colour of the watch for your skin tone, also other jewelry and rings that may accompany or complete the look. But what is crucial is that whether the watch suits you and your style.

Watching The Watchmen

Twelve of the most stylish attendees were featured by ‘The Telegraph’ for the unique timepieces they adorned on day one of London Collections Men here are some great ambassadors featured for The Telegraph.

The ‘Twelve faces of the watchmen’ included myself along with Models David Gandy and Oliver Cheshire. David Gandy’s wrist was accompanied by an Omega Seamaster with a white dial and Oliver Cheshire Opted for an Omega De Ville with a Brushed Blue Dial. Keeping good time and also on show were an array of other timepieces ranging from Patek Phillipe, Rolex Submariner, Cartier Master Cartier, Bell and Ross, Michael Kors and Timex.

So wherever your time zone “keep good time and watch out for the watchmen”
David-Gandy-&-Darren-Charman-2 Kimberley-Garner-&-Darren-Charman Pixie-Lott-&-Oliver-Cheshire

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