Grey for Men – Are You Feeling a Tad Grey

Grey for Men – Are You Feeling a Tad Grey

grey beards and tweed jackets for men 2013

Grey for Men

The Skyfall movie set the trend for grey suits and the epic grey suit for men still lingers on. However how can we take it into spring with a twist? Very simple, you can  wear as much grey as you like. But it’s how you layer it that counts.

How to Layer with Grey

For a half-day hike in the summer, or a short multi-pitch pub crawl, it’s the three-layer system you need to go for. It’s simple. Shirt than vest followed by a jacket. Since it’s getting warmer, and you’re never too far from dumping a piece of clothing item somewhere. There is no need to over do it with insulated layers. But keep in mind that if it gets windy or stormy, you will need some protection until you can retreat or find cover. I am talking about making sure you have your overcoat somewhere at hand.

  • Suits – It’s obvious that a grey suit looks powerful throughout the year. I find it is mainly worn for business. The twist is adding color, especially in spring. Grey and pink always goes very well. Whether it is a shirt, tie or a vest, mix it up so it gives a spring summer feel to your suit.
  • Jackets – Whether it’s tweed, wool or cotton a grey jacket looks smart. Again don’t be afraid to mix and match your colours. Brown, blue and  grey also look smart.
  • Vests – They always look great with grey and again choose colours or patterns that will enhance your grey for a spring refreshing feel. More so a colour that defines you.
  • Cardigans – I find men have no idea what to do with their cardigans. Make sure you choose a smalller size than usual. Don’t button it up too much. Either add it over your vest or simply replace it instead of wearing a grey vest. Choose a colour that will add to your grey outfit.

Be Inspired by Grey

Check out the following pictures that are great examples of how grey should be worn. Be inspired!

grey suit - Ben Affleck 2013

Ben Affleck adds a nice chequered shirt

grey and blue jacket 2013

Blue and grey nice indeed

david gandy - london collections men 2013 - grey vest

David Gandy is going for brown

Grey tweed - Jacket for men 2013

grey blazer, suit and cardigan 2013

Just add socks and this would look great. Loving the cardigan and the cheeky red and white.

grey jackets for men 2013

His jacket just completes the twist in this grey ensemble

grey jacket for men 2013 and blue

Blue, grey and brown, why not

grey tweed for men

Denim, tweed who would have thought it would look this fab

grey vests for men 2013

Great cardigan and great style

grey tweed jackets for men 2013

Grey looks amazing when you have grey hair

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