As a man, you may feel like a neglected species when it comes to fashion. This is understandable especially when you consider all the misinformation that is out there concerning men’s fashion. What you need is a strong foundation on which to build your wardrobe. Listed below are the essentials which you need to have in order to always look and feel good.


Preferably, the t-shirts you should buy are plain and white. In fact, you can never go wrong with a white shirt. It goes with any types of jeans or shorts. The most important thing is to get a shirt that fits you well. Do avoid those t-shirts that you receive as free samples during promotions that contain all kinds of graffiti.

Sport Shirt

Every guy should have his own sport shirt that shows his support to the athlete or team he likes. It doesn’t matter whether you are athletic or not. Love for sports is a great enjoyment to many! You can get the coolest and up to date designs from Canterbury.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Script Tee


Jeans are a rare kind of all year round wear and can be worn to the office or party with equal ease. Stick to dark blue ones for that timeless look.



For variety, you will need an alternative to jeans since its obvious you cannot be in jeans every single day. Chinos are both comfortable and good looking. If you plan to have only one of these, go for a camel coloured one.


V-Neck Sweater

A V-neck sweater will afford you the warmth you need during cold weather without compromising on your coolness. Here again, neutral colours are recommended, preferably grey.



You will need this wardrobe item to give you the official or serious look whenever you need it. A navy blue blazer will go with every other item of clothing in your wardrobe.



Comfortable foot wear is a must for every man. You need shoes that look good and are versatile enough to wear to the office or to the club with equal ease. Brown leather ones are the best looking for a first pair.



Contrary to the belief in growing trends, going out beltless is an absolute no. You need to have at least one belt which should be made of brown leather.



A good coat for going out in cold weather is a must have for every man. A grown-up coat or a pea coat will do. I cannot stress enough the need to use neutral colours. Brown, grey, or navy blue will do.


At this stage, you can now claim to have a wardrobe and it will do your confidence a world of good. The above items allow you to experiment further. If you decide to accessorize, make sure you do it all in good taste and avoid imitations.