Well-known men in fashion, film and TV have been choosing the sexy stubble for decades, transforming what was once viewed as “scruffy” into a more accepted and stylish approach to facial hair. Stubble can do wonders for your overall look, making the jaw look more angular resulting in a more masculine look and even slimming down your face. Although stubble is often considered to be the lazy approach to shaving, to get the stubble looking just right, it actually requires some work, care and regular maintenance. Our tips below can help you achieve the perfect 5 O’Clock shadow.

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 Shaping The Stubble

  • Firstly, let the beard grow for a few days. This will let you assess what you’ve got to work with and will enable you to start work on creating the right stubble look.
  • Keep the shape of the stubble looking natural and unless you’re going a full-on beard, don’t go all Damien Hirst on your face.
  • Clean shave the areas of your face excluding your natural stubble growth.
  • Shaving the night before can help already create the natural stubble look by the morning.
  • Whenever you are using your razor or trimmer, always do so in the direction of your hair growth. This can make an impact on the end result.
  • Conduct regular maintenance on the shaping. Depending on the pace of hair growth, this should be at 2 – 3 day intervals to prevent beard growth.

Trimming The Stubble

  • Watching the length of your facial hair and trimming it at the right time in the life cycle is vital to maintaining the stubble look.
  • If you feel your stubble growing into a beard, use an adjustable beard trimmer to ensure you keep the right stubble shade.
  • Make multiple passes to ensure consistency when trimming and check your results by running your fingers over your stubble.
  • Take a look at the rate of your hair growth and apply this process as often as required to ensure your facial hair is kept at the right length.

Grooming Products - For Shaping Your Stubble

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 Get The Rest Of The Face Looking Good

  • Even if your stubble looks great, the rest of your facial hair needs to fit in with the look.
  • Clean up your mustache with scissors or trimmer and remove any stray hairs high up on your cheeks.
  • There are mixed views on what to do with the neck when looking to achieve the stubble look. Some prefer the clean-shaven neck, while others like to recreate the stubble look there as well. You will be the best person to assess what looks better for you.
  • Exfoliate your skin daily to remove your dead skin cells and keep your skin looking bright and fresh.
  • If you get any ingrown hairs, use tweezers to remove them as soon as you see them.
  • If the skin becomes itchy as the hair grows back, make sure you use a facial shampoo to keep it clean, this will reduce itchiness.
  • If your facial hair is a strange colour or your skin tone is patchy, you may find that the stubble isn’t a good fit for your face at all.

Using a Good Shave Oil or Gel

  • Before shaving your beard, apply the gel to the beard and leave for 15 seconds. This will help soften the beard before you start.

Make Sure You Look Good

Customise your wardrobe to cater for your designer stubble. Given that the stubble may look slightly “scruffy,” wearing the right clothes is even more important. To contrast, the stubble, wear light and soft fabrics such as cotton, wool, and linens. Also, ensure that your hairstyle is clean and dapper. Use a good shampoo and conditioner to avoid the hair looking as untidy as the stubble.

Don’t Scare The Women Away

The general view is that women find the stubble look, from a distance, sexy and alluring.

However no matter how great your stubble looks, you may find that the lady (or man) in your life finds it irritating and scratchy on their skin. Use The Soft Goat’s stubble softener pads facial-stubble-softener to make the stubble feel soft and smooth. One pack lasts approximately 6 months.

Grooming Products - For Shaping Your Stubble

And finally, it’s definitely worth experimenting with the stubble look using our tips but if you look more like Jack Nicholson in The Shining than George Clooney in Gravity, then it may be best to revert back to the clean shave!