6 Top Winter Grooming Tips By 31st State

6 Top Winter Grooming Tips By 31st State

With winter setting in, keeping yourself looking naturally healthy can be tricky. The temperature means our skins are at risk from drying, and the lack of sun means we can often look washed out. Natural skin, hair and body care brand, 31st State, has put together some quick-and-easy tips to keep you looking radiant.

1. Cleanse Your Face Twice A Day

It sounds simple but using a gentle facial cleanser wash eliminates dirt. Apply twice a day to help you keep that glow and stay away from nasty chemicals that dry out your skin even more.

2. Don’t Pick, Pop, Scratch Or Touch Your Spots… Ever

Keep your hands away from your face! Touching your face spreads oils across the skin and promotes the growth of bacteria. Introduce a spot control gel to treat and prevent further spots developing.

3. Use Products With Naturally Derived Ingredients

Parabens, Petrolatum, Phthalates, PEGs… all these chemicals can be found in most high street grooming products. They can upset the body’s hormonal balance and irritate the skin. Look for products that use naturally-derived ingredients like anti-inflammatory Witch Hazel, antibacterial Manuka and Lactic Acid to even out skin tone.

4. Treat Problem Skin At Night When Your Body Is In Repair Mode

When the body is sleeping, it naturally heals and repairs, including the skin. Take action before you go to sleep to help repair problem areas. 31st State’s Overnight Clearing Pads gradually reveal a clear, even skin tone with the help of Lactic Acid and slow-releasing Tea Tree to reduce inflammation.

5. Limit Your Mobile Phone Usage

In an increasingly digitally-focused world, this one might seem tough. It’s become instinctive to reach for our phones throughout the day wherever we are. However, regular skin-to-phone contact causes germs, bacteria, and oils to build up. To avoid this, remember to keep your phone clean and try to use hands-free when talking on the phone for a long time.

6. Protect Your Skin And Hair

This might not seem as important in the winter but even if it is cloudy and cold outside your skin and hair still need protection. Use a moisturiser with an in-built SPF to prevent premature aging and avoid hair from drying with products that contain naturally SPF protecting ingredients like Tamanu Oil.

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