Grooming Tips – How To Optimize Your Beard

Grooming Tips – How To Optimize Your Beard

Growing a beard is a hustle on its own let alone learning its maintenance. Assuming you do get over the first hurdle which is growing a full beard, the next natural thing is to have it looking well-kempt. These tips will help get a clean well-styled beard that will be the envy of all your mates.

Clean and Moisturise

Nobody wants to walk around with a smelly, itchy and unkempt beard. Cleaning your beard regularly is crucial and in particular when you are just starting to grow it out. This will prevent it from getting dry and brittle, which makes it very itchy, a very uncomfortable feeling for many. A simple beard wash and conditioner will do the trick, alternatively, you can adopt your hair washing routine and use shampoo and conditioner on your beard. If it starts to itch or feel a bit dry, you can try the best beard balm recipe for your very own DIY beard balm that will help add some moisture and sheen to your beard. After washing it, dry it with a clean towel. Don’t blow dry your beard after a wash as this will quickly dry it out giving it a frizzy look. As a final touch, you can use a wide-toothed comb to disentangle your beard and leave it looking clean.

Grooming Tips - How To Optimize Your Beard

Have a Dedicated Routine

Growing a beard takes time and maintaining it requires some time too. So before you think about joining the no shave November bandwagon, ensure that you have the patience and the time to take care of it on a regular basis. Grooming your beard means that you have to commit yourself to dedicate a few minutes maybe an hour out of your day to groom your beard. If you have a hectic schedule and really want to grow a beard, you can take your beard for a test run in a sense. Dedicate a few minutes out of your busy schedule in a week to care for your beard and see if it’s an option for you in the long haul. If it works out, then well and good. If not, you can consult your barber on a beard style that requires very low maintenance and will fit well into your schedule.

Get The Right Tools

Visiting your barber each time you need a trim can be costly and a tad exhausting. A cheaper and maybe fun way of grooming your beard is investing in a beard care kit that you will use to take care of your beard on your own. One essential tool in your kit is a cordless beard trimmer. This will quickly get your beard trimmed and faded just in time for you to get to your other commitments. However, if you don’t mind spending time on your beard, you can invest in a pair of scissors and comb. This option is also particularly ideal for those with long beards, who want to be more precise in trimming their beard in all angles something that short trimmers won’t achieve.

There are different tools to groom a long versus a short beard and it’s important to get the appropriate one.

Grooming Tips - How To Optimize Your Beard

Choose a Style That Suits You

Not everyone can grow a beard. Moreover, not everyone who can grow a beard looks good in the same style. The way you choose to style your beard relies on a few things including the shape of your face, genetics such us how thick and fast your beard can grow and so on. It’s important to take all these factors into consideration in order to pick the right beard style that will optimize your look. As a general rule, people with rounded faces or double chins should grow a beard that has strong lines. This helps mask the curves and gives a more modern finished look. For those with angular heads, a long beard can help add some girth. If your head is long, try growing your sides out and trim the areas around the chin and mouth to help bring some balance to the length of your head.

Grooming Tips - How To Optimize Your Beard

Trim the Right Way

Trimming might not come naturally to many, but learning from a professional such as a barber or even on YouTube is a great option. It is best to comb your beard usually in a downward motion before trimming it. It is also advisable to avoid trimming a wet beard. When wet, your beard is typically longer and you might end up trimming more than you intended. It’s better to dry it completely, so you will be increasing your chances of being accurate when sculpting it.

Eat a Healthy Diet

You are what you eat holds true when it comes to your beard. Your diet plays a key role on how your beard grows and ultimately looks. A diet rich in vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids will give you a healthy beard. Foods rich in protein and healthy fats are also good for your beard. Avoid sugary foods or alcohol which can be dehydrating and detrimental to your skin and beard.

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