Men don’t really like to talk about their hair loss. It’s almost as though acknowledging it will cause your hair to fall out even faster.

However, your partner may be trying to talk to you about it. They may be trying to drop some subtle hints that you’re not the only one who misses your full head of hair. They may be trying to plant the seeds of you considering a FUE hair transplant, while trying to make you think it was your idea.

Keep an eye out for any of these hidden messages.

1. They Gush About Old Pictures of You

You might be going through old photo albums, or scrolling through some old Facebook galleries. They may start gushing about how great you look in those pictures.

This may be a bit jarring, and sort of a back-handed compliment. Nobody wants to hear how great they used to look. It may hurt a bit more if the picture is from a time before you met your partner.

Try not to take it too personally. Try to focus on how hot they think you would look with more hair. Other people need much, much more to look hot. You don’t.

2. They Ask You if You’ve Ever Thought About it

If you’ve ever complained about your hair loss, or maybe the hair collecting in your drain, they may have slyly asked you if you’ve ever considered a hair transplant procedure.

This may be as far as they feel comfortable pressing the issue right now. They may be setting the foundation for a future discussion.

3. They ‘Heard’ That Rogaine Doesn’t Work

Maybe you brought up your hair loss and said that you’ve thought of trying Rogaine. Maybe they responded by saying that they heard that it doesn’t work. Maybe they have a friend or co-worker who told them that Rogaine only works on the crown of your head (not the front hairline) and it can come with some unwanted side effects, like decreased libido.

Do they really know someone? Maybe. Or it’s possible that they’ve already looked into the effectiveness and the side effects of Rogaine on your behalf.

4. They Straight-Up Ask You

Or they may not be subtle at all and just come right out and tell you. This may be an awkward conversation, and feelings can easily be hurt.

Try to hear them out and focus on the positives. They’re not doing this to run you down or hurt your feelings. They’re actually sort of telling you that they think you’re strong enough to accept this suggestion. They would like to go on this journey with you. And, as cheesy as it sounds, they want to help you be the best version of yourself.

If you do decide to go forward with the procedure, the good news is the today’s modern transplants look incredible, with none of the scarring or the pain that patients may have gone through a few years ago.