Group Touring NYC’s – Craft Beer Scene Tips

Group Touring NYC’s –  Craft Beer Scene Tips

New York, the city by the Hudson River is the most densely populated city in the United States of America. Known for its pivotal role in the country’s economic and commercial market, New York also happens to be a melting pot of culture and entertainment. Popularly nicknamed as ‘the Big Apple’, the city of New York is home to many dive bars, wineries, and breweries. Getting together for a drink after work is a norm in the city and you can experience the craft beer setting by signing up for any of the following tours. And a convenient way to enjoy this spirituous group tour is to charter a New York minibus rental.

New York Beer and Brewery Tour

Brooklyn Brewery

The brewery district of New York has been in the business for centuries now. Brooklyn Brewery is one of the largest producers and exporters of craft beer in the country. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Brewery offers basic and seasonal group tours to the public on weekdays and weekends. Small group guided tours take around two hours including taste sessions. Head there on weekends for a free session that starts at 1 in the afternoon. Weekday tours have to be scheduled with a nominal fee.

 The New York Beer and Brewery Tour

 A game changer in the craft beer tour market, the New York Beer and Brewery Tour has been gaining immense popularity since its inception in 2010. The family-owned business offers private guided group tours that can be customized according to your time and occasion. The tour takes you around Brooklyn where some of the finest craft beers have been brewed and exported. The tour is coupled with food and special access to some of the breweries. A typical beer and brewery tour lasts between three to four hours. A series of tasting sessions during the tour are sure to win our heart.

 Urban Adventures

This craft beer tour by Urban Adventures takes you around the finest taprooms in New York. A three-hour tour of the greatest breweries in the city along with the conventional pizza trip is an ideal way to explore the city’s fascination with the craft beer consumption. This exceptional tour includes interactive sessions with the brewmasters followed by tasting sessions. The tour starts at six in the evening every day, starting from Long Island City.

 Transmitter Brewing Company

Also located in the Long Island City, Transmitter Brewery stands apart for its exceptional pale and golden ales that are served in a bottle instead of draft mugs. The company specializes in brewing Belgian craft beers and barrel-aged brews. The company offers free group tours on the weekends in the evenings. Although it is a great beer tour in the city, the group tours are short-lived but come with a free tasting session.


 The Flagship Brewing Co. 

Located in Staten Island, the Flagship Brewing Co. offers small guided group tours during the weekends.  The taproom has been situated just off the ferry terminal since the 1960s and still excels in producing the finest lager beer. You can schedule a tour at 2.30 and 4 on Saturday afternoons for a small fee.

The craft beer industry of New York is a well-developed market that holds a good share in the world economy. With more than 5000 breweries in New York, these are a few that manufacture some of the greatest craft beers in the world. Schedule a tour to learn the magic behind the perfect brew. Protection Status

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