Under Armour – The Curry 6 Trainers With A Message

Under Armour – The Curry 6 Trainers With A Message

Under Armour unveiled the latest colourway of the Curry 6. The basketball shoe made in collaboration with 3-time World Champion and 2-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry.

Under Armour Curry-6-'Working-on-Excellence

Curry 6 Working on Excellence

‘Working on Excellence’ is mantra and a way of life for Stephen Curry. An expression created by his cousin-in-law Devontée, it is a way of life for the Curry family, and understanding that success is earned, not given and that excellence is not a plateau but an ever-evolving challenge that requires growth and hard work.

The Curry 6 Working on Excellence is a homage to that mindset, a reminder of the grind and constant push to be better than you were the day before. Stephen has the initials – W. O. E. – tattooed on his right bicep to remind him every day of his mission to work on excellence.

The striking white black knit upper represents the balance in Stephen’s life between work on the court and work with his family – the two most important parts of his life, and the consistent approach to work on excellence in both phases. The shoe features the same best-in-class split outsole traction as other Curry 6 models, to keep Stephen gripped to the floor in every facet of his game, and full length HOVR cushioning to support Stephen’s non-stop running on the court, equating to about 2.5 miles per game.

Under Armour Curry-6-'Working-on-Excellence'

Trainers With A Message

Working on Excellence is my pursuit, every single year, to continue to get better on and off the court in every facet of my life…I got that tattooed to remind myself of that every single day, and to bring that storytelling through this shoe is definitely something I’m extremely proud of. I don’t know what the ceiling is, but I’m always going to continue to work on excellence, work on perfection and continue to better myself on and off the court.
– Stephen Curry
Under Armour Curry-6-'Working-on-Excellence Under Armour Curry-6-'Working-on-Excellence

You will find the full press release under the following link: Working on Excellence

The Curry 6 Working on Excellence colourway went on sale worldwide on UA.com, at UA Brand Houses and at select retail partners for £115 on February 8, 2019.

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