Gruhme Fragrance – Credible Discerning Britishness

Gruhme Fragrance – Credible Discerning Britishness

Does quality matter to you? If not, I wouldn’t continue to read this article because I spoke to a man just the other day who believes quality is the only way for a product to be. It’s contagious.

Rob Hallmark, the Founder of Gruhme started the company after realizing that the world of fragrances was flawed. You have a handful of HUGE companies all competing with each other to get the most sales while keeping their margins as high as possible. The issue here is that they have all forgotten what it means to make fragrances.

Passionate is just one of the thousands of words I could use to describe Rob Hallmark and this really formed an image in my mind for what Gruhme is and where it is going in the future. With a history in Law, Rob sought something that he would truly enjoy doing in life, and it turns out that’s Gruhme.

Gruhme was officially launched on 18th December 2013 with the release of ‘The Original’ Shown Below.

Gruhme No.14 - MenStyleFashion

Gruhme then went on to create their best-selling ‘No.14’ which I actually have sitting in my bathroom for my daily spray. I even did a review of it which you can find here – Gruhme No.14 Review.

If you watch the video you’ll see that I talk a lot about quality. From first hand experience and a fantastic conversation with Rob, I really understood what Gruhme is about.

Credible Discerning Britishness. Creating something that is truly British in nature and made through the lens of perfection is completely their aim.

Gruhme No.14 - MenStyleFashion

Gruhme No.14

During my conversation I talked about how the bottle feels in the hand and how the cap adds value to the experience. These are things that have never really been thought of in the fragrance world. Companies have been too worried about what shape to make their bottle rather than creating a product that is more than just aesthetics. Something I want to add is that Rob explained to me that there is one part of a bottle that NO ONE ever considers, yet and it is the most important part. The pump.

Gruhme believes that the whole experience of using their products is the best it could possibly be. This means, the bottle is made to look great, it is made to feel divine in your hand, smell great and create an overall positive experience. Gruhme went a step further and even added the experience of the pump to the equation. The pump is the most prominent touch point on the bottle making it one of the most important parts of the experience. How does the pump feel to push down? does it feel flimsy? weak? light? These are all questions Gruhme asked themselves and they wanted to create a pump that added value to the product itself. Rob even told me they went through 50 different pumps before they found the right one.

Gruhme has quickly got me on board as a true follower of the brand and a fan of its products. I see that they are different, I see that they create quality and I see that they are run by a man who wants to go up against the tycoon businessmen running the mainstream fragrance companies. I like the underdog and Gruhme needs to be known and worn by men all over the world.

All it takes is to hold one bottle and you’ll be sold. A fan for life.





Gruhme No.14 - MenStyleFashion


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