Lucca is a beautiful historical city located in Tuscany. Surrounded by a sixteenth-century wall in which you can walk, run and ride around. This is why many tourists come to Lucca it is a wonderfully unique experience. Lucca is famous for its Summer Festival which happens every year and brings various famous musicians from all over the world. In 2019 I was watching Sting performing in Piazza Napoleone for 5000 fans, it is the square you can see in the picture below. The Lucca festival is an amazing experience and goes on for a full month.

Grand Universe Lucca - Autograph Collection Reviewed roof top bar summer festival view

Right in the heart of Lucca situated on Piazza Del Giglio is the brand new Grand Universe Lucca Autograph Collection. This 55 room boutique hotel also faces Piazza Napoleone, the square where many famous artists perform in the month of July. So when you choose to book a stay here thanks to the Sommita rooftop bar, you will be able to see and hear this summer’s 2021 lineup of artists such as John Legend, Liam Gallagher and Celine Dion.

Grand Universe Lucca - Autograph Collection Reviewed

Interior Design

The first thing I noticed when entering the hotel is the use of velvet. The velvet sofas and chairs throughout the hotel are pleasing to the eye and combined with funky chandeliers they give a very fresh and modern vibe to this hotel.

Legacy restaurant and Lounge

I like how sofas are surrounded throughout the hotel for a relaxed homely feel.

Grand Universe Lucca Reception Area

I loved the chandeliers in the reception area.

Sommita Rooftop Bar

The Grand Universe Lucca Sommita rooftop bar offers 360 degrees of breathtaking views of Saint Martino’s Cathedral, all the churches, monuments, and towers. I  know Lucca very well and this has to be the best rooftop bar view I have experienced so far. Lucca is full of towers and some of these, like the Guinigi tower, can be climbed for amazing views of other parts of Lucca.

So when you choose to book a stay thanks to the rooftop bar, you can see and hear this summer's lineup John Legend and Celine Dion. towers

These have to be the tallest bar chairs I have ever seen. Lots of fun to get on, if you are like me very short.

Grand Universe Lucca Rooftop bar

Sommita rooftop bar

Desert Legacy Restaurant Grand Universe Lucca 2021 rooftop bar view

Sommita rooftop bar view

Prelude Of Existence

Lucca is famous for music and literally, a 4 min walk away from the hotel is the Puccini Museum. Giacomo Puccini was born in Lucca on December 22, 1858, the last of a dynasty of composers who for more than a century had held the monopoly of the city’s musical life.

Guests of the Grand Universe Luccahotel can experience Lucca’s rich musical history with the “Prelude of Existence” Guests meet with a composer at the hotel’s Symphony Lounge who has a questionnaire to determine their style and personality. The composer will then compose a prelude specifically for them. A prelude is an introductory piece of music, usually an orchestral opening to an act of an opera.

“Our gifted composers write custom melodies that resonate with each specific person or couple and will truly serve as a ‘prelude’ to life after their exceptional stay at the Grand Universe Lucca.”

Symphony Lounge Grand Universe Lucca

The composer prepares the Prelude by writing the notes on a music sheet.

You can order a musical inspired cocktail in the Legacy Lounge, whilst you wait for the sheet of music. Which is packed with a silk ribbon, placed in a glass capsule that’s put inside a Tuscan leather box.

The Legacy Restaurant

What was great during the pandemic is that the hotel restaurant can still serve food to its guests when restaurants in town only offer take-away food. I had a lovely lunch and dinner at the Legacy restaurant.

Legacy Restaurant Grand Universe Lucca 2021 food

This hotel does amazing desserts and I had them for lunch as well as dinner. Of course, I had to taste the Puccini dessert.


Legacy restaurant and Lounge

The Legacy Restaurant offers cosy places to wine and dine.

For dinner, there is a fixed menu and a daily changing menu to choose from. If you have food allergies the menu items are split out into 14 different categories to help you with your choice. The quality and taste of the local food were excellent, there is also a great wine list to choose from.

Wine Tasting

If you are a lover of wine you can access the cellar to do some local wine tasting. The cellar has been restored as you can see below retaining its local history.

Auto Graph Collection Grand Universe Lucca 2021 Hotel (2)


The rooms and suites’ names are melodically themed.

Grand Universe Lucca Aria Suite 2021

I stayed in the Aria suite with super high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Piazza Giglio. The room was very bright and airy and the overall atmosphere was relaxing.

Grand Universe Lucca Aria Suite 2021

I got a superb sleep in the super king bed teamed with linen made in Italy. I was helped by a curfew that kicked in at 10 PM, which made it super quiet. The room is very modern but uses a lot of classic material, I loved the beamed ceilings giving away the history of the Grand Universe. I felt I was staying in modern Italy.

Grand Universe Lucca Aria Suite 2021

Grand Universe Lucca Aria Suite 2021

The TV is massive and offers a lot of TV channels. It was great to have access to endless amounts of tea and Nespresso coffee. The mini-bar offers plenty of Italian drinks. This spacious suite was perfect to lounge and take in the piazza views of Lucca.

Grey Bathroom

The bathroom featured an all-grey interior with marble water taps and a marble shower floor. I liked the tall thin window with a view of the piazza. I find windows in bathrooms are much more relaxing.

Grey Bathroom Aria Suite Grand Universe Lucca
The new hotel bathroom trend here for the autograph collection is all about grey. Whether it’s a grey toilet, grey bath, or a grey bidet. Grey bathrooms generally are popular in modern hotels in Italy for 2021.
Marble tap handles bathroom
Marble taps complete this chic interior look with grey walls too.


Lucca is a vibrant city where one can wine, dine and experience Tuscan food at its finest with in its medieval walls. It is a family city and only 30min drive from Pisa and the amazing Tuscan hills. The Grand Universe Lucca is the latest hotel addition and a perfect boutique hotel to stay and experience the musical history of Lucca. It is perfect for those wanting an upmarket stay in a small and friendly hotel.


  • Room reviewed: Aria, rates around 500 euros a night.
  • Website:
  • Address: Piazza del Giglio, 1, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy
  • Phone: +39 0583 40041