Hair Transplant – Safety Concerns About Getting It Done In Turkey

Hair Transplant – Safety Concerns About Getting It Done In Turkey

Safety concerns about getting a hair transplant in Turkey

If you have been researching hair transplants in Turkey, you will want to know if this is a safe thing to do. The prices are tempting but are the clinics of a high standard, and the surgeons reputable?

The hair transplant Turkey market is different from the UK in some fundamental ways. It’s far larger for a start. Istanbul alone boasts more than 300 hair transplant clinics. Hair transplants are associated with tourism in Turkey, and they represent big business for the country.

Every year three-quarters of a million tourists fly to Turkey to undergo surgery, and around sixty thousand of them have hair transplants. The vast majority are happy with their procedure and experience no major problems that they could attribute to the surgeon, team or clinic. The stories we may hear in the UK about Turkish clinics being neglectful, or surgeons inexperienced or underqualified, are the exceptions to the rule rather than a commonplace event.

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While the price isn’t everything, the rock-bottom prices for surgery are best avoided. The most reputable clinics don’t need to heavily discount their already reasonable prices, so the very cheapest practises can be ruled out. The good clinics in Turkey practise the same standards of care and hygiene that can be found in the UK or the USA.

Because Turkey is so busy with cosmetic surgery procedures, surgeons and teams tend to be well-versed in their specialties, and they work quickly and efficiently. For a time-sensitive procedure such as a hair transplant, this is definitely a plus. The hair follicles must be transplanted quickly into the head before they begin to degrade. The efficiency of a Turkish surgeon is a definite plus here. Turkish surgeons are also able to transplant up to twice as many hair follicles as UK surgeons, which produces a thicker head of hair.

One of the best ways to choose a surgeon or clinic on the hair transplant Turkey market, is to carefully research some of the highly recommended clinics yourself. Reading real testimonials, reviews and comments on websites and social media, is an excellent way to familiarise yourself with a clinic’s reputation and results. If you don’t want to do the research yourself, but still want a high standard of care, a company such as MedAway can take care of the trip itinerary, from the flights and procedure to the accommodation and travel to and from the clinic itself. Protection Status

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