It’s becoming more and more common to see men with longer hair, whether it’s chin-length, shoulder-length, or longer. While it’s easy to make the decision, the process will not happen overnight. There are lots of products and supplements promising to help your hair grow out faster, but the speed at which your strands grow is not something you can change. However, with the right care, you can prevent the hair you do have from becoming damaged and breaking off.

Shampoo Right

When your hair is shorter, it will likely look healthier since it is newer growth and has not had enough time to be damaged by styling or the sun. Once your hair gets longer, the ends have been there for a couple of years, so it is best to maintain them as best as possible. It is important to wash right so it looks its best. Once a month or so, you’ll also want to use a clarifying shampoo. This can remove the buildup of products, grease, and environmental contaminants. This practice can also fight flakes and relieve itchy scalp. You can browse the best shampoo for men online to find the perfect product.

Some men prefer to skip shampoo as much as possible since it can strip away the natural oils. Of course, if your strands start to look greasy after a couple of days, you might only be able to cut back instead of eliminating washing altogether. Try going a day without washing and then see if you can do it a couple of times a week. Still, make sure you clarify every month or so for maximum scalp health.

Dont Overlook Your Hair and Use the Right Shampoos

Don’t Skip Barber Visits

It’s critical to keep seeing your stylist and while there are secrets they don’t want you to know, booking an appointment with them is not one of them. Still, don’t be afraid to go to a new one if your current barber only does short styles. Look for someone who has experience maintaining longer manes. Many of these professionals can cut any length, but some specialize in certain lengths. Tell the stylist you are growing your hair out and let them know what your goals are. They can use that information and create a cut to complement your face shape and hair type as it grows out.

Why Many Men Set Up Their Own Business as a Barber

It’s a good idea to get a trim every couple of months to keep split ends at bay. You can also get an appointment if the strands seem out of control. Men with thick or wavy hair might benefit from layers to keep things under control. Your stylist might recommend growing out the top before the sides or back, which is one way of controlling everything.

Regardless of the city you live in you can find salons there that are going to help you with regular trims and advice to grow out your hair. For example, you can search for Las Vegas hair salons if you’re near that area and see which ones are the best-rated ones to go to.

Use Conditioner

Once your strands start to get longer, using a conditioner becomes critical. Of course, you don’t have to use brands designed specifically for men. As long as you find something that works for your hair, don’t be afraid to try it. Typically, you’ll want to wash the roots of your hair and condition the tips. That’s not always possible when your strands are shorter, but make this your goal. Conditioner can weigh down your roots, especially if your hair tends to be finer.