Harvey Nichols – Trend Setters for Restaurant & Bar Wear

Harvey Nichols – Trend Setters for Restaurant & Bar Wear

Harvey Nichols

Every time I sit in a bar or a restaurant, it always dawns on me why the staff uniform has not moved on since 1912. At Harvey Nichols last week I thought the fine young gentlemen serving me were part of the guest list. Finally, Harvey Nichols sets the trend, the bar and the standard of how men should be dressing when it comes to restaurant uniform. They are sending out the message that conforming to traditional uniform wear in public establishments needs not to be what we are used to.

Black is Back in Monochrome

The men are wearing everything black. The tight velvet blazer jacket just looks divine. The gentlemen are approachable but at the same time very much men serving their clients in a stylish way. Alongside is the black-tie again not too intrusive but sleek indeed. I am loving their black patent shoes. The idea of dressing the guys this way shows the guests that Harvey Nichols means funky business. The exciting thing is that they do this from season to season. So when that hot summer day begins in the UK, the black attire maybe, very much the thing of the past. Why I adore the concept is that any man choosing to wine and dine can be inspired by the waiter. On the other hand, Gracie just respects any man who chooses to dress well. I know where I am heading for a cheeky peek and a cake the next time I’m in town.

Striped Bow Ties & Braces

The accessories for the guys just create a fun, approachable stylish presence. The great thing about what they are wearing is that you too can get ideas for your next work event. In fact, just get into any of this and pop out for a drink. It also raises the profile and atmosphere for the staff members. For me, it’s a way for the staff and clients to connect. Wearing this latest collection for men is fabulous for staff morale. Well done Harvey Nichols.

Harvey Nichols - Bar Staff with Bow tie

This is what is usual in the restaurant attire except for that bow tie

Harvey Nichols - Bar Staff in action - polka dot tie

The barman is wearing a polka dot tie. Very much in for this coming summer

Harvey Nichols - Bar Staff in action

We are loving his sexy serving attitude

Harvey Nichols - bar staff in action - wearing braces / suspenders

Another barman wearing braces

Harvey Nichols - Monochrome Black velvet jackets 2013

Harvey Nichols - bar staff in action - black patent shoes

The staff wear patent shoes

Harvey Nichols - Bar Staff in action - serving cocktails

Harvey Nichols - Well dressed men drinking in the bar

Harvey Nichols - Man handing flowers at Gracie Opulanza

Why don’t women give men flowers? Well, the way John is suited and booted. I just did

Harvey Nichols - well dressed men behind the bar Harvey Nichols - well dressed men behind the bar

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