CBD flower is a new tool tobacco smokers are using to quit nicotine for good. Unlike marijuana, CBD flower is non-intoxicating, but some smokers still feel that CBD flower fills the hole cigarettes leave behind after quitting. Find out what   is and why cigarette smokers think it’s useful for quitting. Find out what CBD hemp flower is and why cigarette smokers think it’s useful for quitting.

Quitting Isn’t Easy

Smoking is one of the most pernicious problems plaguing modern society. While tobacco use has reduced by half since 2005, it’s estimated that more than 30 million Americans still smoke, making the health complications associated with smoking cigarettes a pandemic-level crisis.

Smoking is now socially frowned upon, and smokers are even more solidly in the minority. These facts don’t make nicotine any less addictive, however.

Over the years, smokers have tried to quit using dozens of different methods. Most of these approaches, however, involve substituting cigarettes for another form of nicotine, a lesser-of-two-evils solution.

The best methods for quitting cigarettes don’t involve nicotine of any kind. It turns out that nature has provided us with all the tools we need to craft simple anti-smoking remedies that work.

What Is CBD Flower?

CBD flowers are Cannabis sativa buds that contain high concentrations of CBD instead of THC. While the THC concentration in CBD flower is below 0.3%, CBD concentrations can be as high as 20% (or even higher!). As long as it contains 0.3% THC or less, CBD flower is generally considered to be industrial hemp, and it is widely sold online.

What Does CBD Flower Do?

No matter how much CBD flower you smoke, you won’t get high. Instead, CBD flower makes you feel lightly relaxed, and if you were already somewhat drowsy, you might become full-on sleepy.

People with chronic pain report that CBD flower offers impressive relief. Individuals with depression or anxiety indicate that CBD flower digs them out of their funks. While it will never jettison you into a blissed-out state of intoxication, there’s certainly a lot CBD flower can do.

Does CBD Flower Help You Quit Smoking?

There’s considerable evidence that CBD might be useful as an anti-smoking aid. A 2013 clinical study provided the first data regarding CBD and cigarette addiction by determining that patients supplied with cannabidiol reduced their cigarette consumption by around 40% over the course of a week.

This research was followed up by a landmark 2015 review of studies into CBD’s overall anti-addiction potential. For the first time, this review compiled dozens of different strands of evidence that, as a whole, strongly indicate that CBD should be investigated more thoroughly as an addiction treatment.

Research into CBD for cigarette addiction continues. In 2018, a UK-based research team published the findings of a 30-participant clinical study conducted to determine the “attentional bias” cigarette smokers displayed toward cigarettes after using CBD.

After depriving nicotine-dependent individuals of cigarettes overnight and administering CBD, the researchers measured attention paid to smoking cigarettes and levels of pleasure experienced. While the research team didn’t notice any differences in tobacco cravings or withdrawals, they did note that using CBD made smoking cigarettes less pleasant even after being deprived of nicotine for an extended period.

What Types of CBD Flower Products Are There?

If you’ve decided to use CBD flower to stop smoking, it’s important to note that there are quite a few different product types to choose from. First, you’ll need to choose between loose flower (“nugs”) and pre-rolls (“joints”), each of which might be appropriate depending on your needs.

Then, you’ll need to select a strain. Sativas are generally uplifting while indicas are usually relaxing. Hybrids fall somewhere in-between, but every strain of hemp is unique.

Is CBD Flower Safe?

Once you’ve selected a type of CBD flower product, you’ll need to make sure you choose safe nugs to smoke. CBD flower doesn’t contain nicotine or any of the additives present in tobacco cigarettes, and CBD itself is generally viewed as nearly harmless.

CBD flower varies massively in quality, though, from brand to brand, making it necessary to consult third-party lab reports if you want to verify the quality or safety of a CBD product you’re considering buying. These reports should be easy to find on every CBD flower product page.

Try Smoking CBD Flower to Quit Nicotine Today

Though cardiotoxic on its own, nicotine only truly becomes deadly in the form of factory-made cigarettes, which can contain as many as 400 chemicals known to be harmful. Smoking itself, though, is an ancient practice, and hemp may well be the first substance ever smoked. By replacing tobacco cigarettes with hemp flower, you’re making a better future for yourself by falling back on the wisdom of humanity’s ancient past.