Trending Spa Treatments for Men

Trending Spa Treatments for Men

It’s official! There is no need to feel guilty about self-pampering, with a University of Alabama at Birmingham study showing that massage has a host of physical and mental benefits. Some are immediately felt (like pain relief) while others accumulate over time, such as a strengthened immune system, a better range of motion, and an improved sense of well-being. If you are a man who values the holistic approach to health and happiness, then put one of these trendy med spa treatments on your bucket list.

Fusion Maia Danang Spa treatment

Fusion Maia Danang, Vietnam – Spa treatment

Making it Long and Luxurious

Rather than simply targeting a wrinkle here or a tight muscle there, men are listening to leading academics in wellness, who have shown that pampering and being kind to oneself can help weaken the link between perfectionism and depression. Spa visits, therefore, are a way to reward ourselves, relax after a stressful day at work, and learn the art of self-compassion. As stated by relaxation experts  Viva Med Spa, many men are heading to the spa to have ‘the works’. The latter may include a couple of shots of Botox, a deep tissue massage, and treatments focusing on the feet – including a foot and calf sugar or salt scrub and an energizing foot reflexology session.

Scalp Treatments

Dry, itchy scalps and dandruff are often the result of neglect of a key area of skin: the scalp. There are many massages that can improve the condition of the scalp, including peppermint scalp treatments, which boost circulation and leave skin with a refreshed feeling and a fragrant scent. Men who are concerned about lack of luster can opt instead for a hot oil massage, which moisturizes hair strands deeply and are particularly excellent for dry or curly hair.

How to get a healthy scalp treatment

Customized Treatments

If you head to a five-star spa, then one thing you may find is that you don’t have to wade through a long list of treatments, confused as to which is most suited to you. Luxury spas these days are making it all about the individual guest. Say you booked a treatment two days ago but you have developed a strong pain in your neck and shoulders from working at your computer all day yesterday. The staff will be able to instantly adapt the treatment, focusing on your area of pain and employing the aromas, textures, and herbs that will best deal with the issue at hand.

Of the many trends overtaking the spa world, arguably the strongest across most luxury establishments is that of personalization. Customized treatments work best when therapists have a wide array of possibilities to choose from, of course, and when they have the installations (think hammams, Himalayan salt caves, contrast pools, and the like) to make it happen.

The next time you head to the spa, take the entire day or afternoon off. This way, you can work on all the issues you may have with your skin and hair, but also ensure that you don’t leave without a massage or facial treatment that works on relaxation as much as it does on the surface. Protection Status

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