Sometimes fashion is a tough route to take when you’re working on your holiday shopping list. For the most part, people who might be interested in new clothing for the holidays would also prefer to pick it out on their own, which makes it difficult to determine what may or may not be a safe gift. Of course, there’s always the gift card route, but if you want your gift to be a little more personable, some of these options may suit your needs as well.

Look For Holiday Attire

Holiday attire doesn’t just mean you should be looking for the latest amusing ugly Christmas sweaters as gifts, because that’s more of a joke gift than one really meant for someone stylish. However, as displayed by Esquire, there are plenty of ways to shop for fashion items with a holiday theme in mind. On the one hand, you can look for seasonal sweaters with understated holiday themes that don’t fall into the “ugly Christmas sweater” category. Additionally, you can often find nice items related to specific holiday travel options, such as a getaway to a warm beach or a mountain ski trip. Stylish items that suit occasions like these make for great gifts that most men won’t mind having picked out for them.

Stick With The Classics

Picking out just the right item for someone with a strong sense of fashion can be difficult, but if you stick with a classic piece of clothing that doesn’t tend to involve a lot of variety, you can probably feel pretty safe about picking up a gift. And as seen on King Size Direct, a lot of the clothing that’s being featured in this year’s holiday collections falls nicely into this category. In particular, cold weather options like basic turtlenecks and bomber jackets are particularly trendy, but also relatively straightforward. It’ll be up to you to pick out colour and material, but really it’s hard to go wrong with items like these.

Find Stylish Item Accessories

Particularly when it comes to gift-giving, it’s important to remember that fashion isn’t exclusive to clothing. And in recent years, we’ve seen a little bit of a trend toward item accessories being incorporated into overall style. Where once men’s accessories basically meant watches and wallets, we now include smartphone cases, tablet cases and bags, and even stylish headphones and things of that nature. If you’re not sure the fashionable man on your holiday gift list would want clothing picked out by someone else, opt for a nice accessory or two.

Opt For A Subscription Box

This is a great gift option for any guy who likes his fashion, and frankly it can save you some shopping effort! Subscription boxes are getting pretty trendy these days, and Dodo Burd’s lineup of boxes for men shows just how much they now have to offer. Some boxes come with monthly selections of clothing, some are more focused on accessories, and some stay within specific categories like grooming or underwear. Whichever one makes sense to you, these are gifts that keep on giving, and they’re sure to please most anyone this holiday season.

Shopping for fashion lovers can definitely be tricky, but hopefully this gives you a few ideas to take advantage of in the final week before Christmas.