Gucinari Mens Shoes – Brown Is The Trending Colour for 2016

Gucinari Mens Shoes – Brown Is The Trending Colour for 2016

london-luxury-week-2015-300x120Over the last year, Gucinari has always supported MenStyleFashion and we were delighted to hear that it wanted to showcase its shoes during Luxury Week London. We had phenomenal feedback from our first online campaign we did with them, where our Twitter followers were loving the images. The shoes were definitely a hit with our followers. So it was finally time we experienced the shoe for ourselves to review. We have even been able to provide you with a special 10% MenStyleFashion discount by using the code: MSF on!

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When opening the box we could truly see the fine quality of these shoes. The word cool luxury was appropriate. These shoes are subtle yet noticeable. Brown is the trending colour of 2016 because it is so versatile, I mean look how great it looks in combination with my blue suit. I am a size 11 so finding comfortable shoes can be tricky. I am also 24 years old and these are the first luxury pair of shoes I have ever owned. To give you an idea, I was a golfer and therefore my shoes for many years were golf shoes. Very high quality, but not a shoe you would showcase during a luxury week event. From the moment I put them on I released that these shoes looked and felt great. Up until now I was wearing a very cheap pair of shoes and thought at the time they felt really good, but now I know better.

You see at my age I am experimenting and that’s what MenStyleFashion’s philosophy is all about. This week my partner in crime was Gracie Opulanza and in her own words she said “You’re representing MenStyleFashion, so lets show them how”. At my age, what on earth would I know when it comes to creating my own style? It’s all about having fun and riding the fashion wave as it goes. These shoes made me feel confident and proud especially when I was walking around the  Shangri La Hotel At The Shard London. There are a lot of well dressed men here with a lot of cash.

Gucinari shoes are certainly a shoe that any man should get their feet into. Thank you Gucinari for teaching me the power of quality.

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