How About Different Coffee Cultures Around the World?

How About Different Coffee Cultures Around the World?

What is that on which most of us can agree upon? It is true that out of a few other things, coffee is certainly one of the significant ones! Right?

Across the globe, people keep on sipping coffee throughout the day, whether it is because of health benefits or they just love coffee more than any other drink! It’s because of such a reason, we can find a number of appealing coffee cultures around the world.

Do you want to explore some of the highly valued ones? Read on.

How About Different Coffee Cultures Around the World

Turkish Coffee

 You can say people of this country like to drink coffee as black as hell, as sweet as love, and as strong as death. They have a unique name for their coffee and it is nothing but ‘Turk Kahvesi’.

You might think that what is said above is quite intimidating but Turkish actually prefer their coffee like this. In fact, it is treated like a dessert there rather than a morning drink. While being served after a lavish dinner with tasty chewy candy, they choose to brew Turk Kahvesi in a copper pot.

How About Different Coffee Cultures Around the World


Ethiopian Coffee

Africa has a yet another unique yet old coffee culture. It is celebrated as a beautiful ceremony there. The person who plays a significant role in this function is the lady of the household. What she will do is brew the coffee which is also known as ‘buna’ in some special carafes. Next, they pour the coffee on high over cups while making sure that not even a drop is spilt. They like the coffee to be flavoured with butter and salt.

How About Different Coffee Cultures Around the World

Indonesian Coffee

‘Kopi Luwak’ is what they call coffee in Indonesia. To get the right flavour in their coffee, they pass the coffee beans through the digestive tract of civet. Yes! It might seem to be ridiculous for you, yet that’s right. The beans that the civets consume are collected from their droppings and then roasted. This step leaves a unique flavour in this coffee. So, next time when you visit Indonesia, don’t forget to grab a cup of ‘Kopi Luwak’.

How About Different Coffee Cultures Around the World

Danish Coffee

In Denmark, they call it ‘Kaffe’. It’s all because of the extremely cold climate of the country, people drink coffee to a great extent there. It is one of the integral parts of the Danish culture. In Denmark, coffee is so important that you will find packed cafes in almost all corners of the country. Especially, when it’s about the cities like Copenhagen, coffee is everywhere!

How About Different Coffee Cultures Around the World? Danish coffee

Saudi Coffee

When it’s about Saudi Arabia, coffee actually comes with some serious etiquette. For example, they serve a cup to the oldest person in the group first. Also, there is a unique coffee custom in Saudi Arabia that men always drink coffee with men and the vice versa is true for women. These customs might seem to be surprising for you but they really exist in Saudi Arabia.

Kahwa (Saudi Arabians name their coffee as this) is an absolutely dark and extremely bitter drink. It is usually flavoured with cardamom and served with sugary dates.

How About Different Coffee Cultures Around the World

Dutch Coffee

 In the Netherlands, coffee is a celebrated part of the culture. Unlike the not-so-known coffee shops of Amsterdam, cafes are really famous for their Kaffe in the Netherlands. The other name of Kaffe is bakkie troost which is relished during any time of the day. It is served totally black in colour while being accompanied by a cookie. Further, they ensure that the cookie is sweet enough to go well with the bitter coffee.

How About Different Coffee Cultures Around the World

Irish Coffee

 When it comes to Ireland, it is more of a coffee cum cocktail there which is usually allowed to drink after the dinner. Irish coffee is actually a delicious combination of hot coffee, sugar, and Irish whiskey. The drink is further topped with tasty whipped cream. The inception of Irish coffee dates back to 1940 to please the American travellers on cold winter nights. It is still that popular because of its mouthwatering taste and mesmerizing aroma.

How About Different Coffee Cultures Around the World

Mexican Coffee

The exceptional Cafe de Olla (Mexican people call their coffee by this name) is brewed in the earthen pots with cinnamon sticks as one of the basic ingredients in it. With this spice, they include a healthy touch in their coffee. In Mexico, they have a culture of serving coffee throughout the day.

Aren’t these coffee cultures incredible enough? Yes! There’s really a lot of such amazing diversities in how people drink coffee in various parts of the world. Whether it is Danish, Mexican or Turkish coffee culture, all of the aforementioned ones are extremely commendable!

How About Different Coffee Cultures Around the World

If you want to explore them in-person, plan a holiday to these countries soon!

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