Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites today. All types of businesses turn to Instagram when it comes to marketing themselves in the digital space. B2C companies, in particular, find the platform very business-friendly. They use several brand-building methods to advertise and sell their products and services on Instagram successfully. However, most B2B companies are still in two minds about using the platform to boost their business. The big question here is, how can a visual medium that optimizes client engagement helps a business-to-business relationship-based enterprise grow an audience reach?

How can Instagram Benefit Your B2B Busines

Success on Instagram is heavily reliant on engagement rates. The good news is the very features of Instagram that make it a popular marketing platform for B2C brands can also enable growth and success for B2B businesses. All you need is the ability to execute a well-researched marketing strategy professionally. Rest assured that Instagram is a solid visual marketing platform for all brands and businesses.

How to Start Marketing Your B2B Business on Instagram?

Since your prime goal is to trigger the workings of the platform algorithms in your favour, your marketing approach should aim for high post engagement. Many B2B businesses choose to start their Instagram journey with purchased social signals and services. If you have the budget and the inclination to follow this route, buy likes, saves, and followers from trusted sites to give your visibility a boost on Instagram.

If you are more inclined to grow your account organically, consider incorporating the “social” in your marketing strategy. A good plan would be to focus on audience interaction and humanizing your brand in the process. Instagram has several features that allow you to creatively and innovatively grow your brand presence. Like B2C brands, you can creatively use these resources to turn a curious audience into followers and further into business associates and clients.

Influencer marketing platforms such as Grin, Humanz, and Upfluence have simplified the process of working with influencers not only on Instagram but also on other social networks. Humanz influencer marketing platform is one of the popular platforms that help businesses find the most relevant influencers and work with them. Unlike the other platforms, this one has its own academy. That helps new entrepreneurs learn about the benefits of influencer marketing and understand all the key points for successful campaigns. Grin, on the other hand, has deep analytics which helps companies concentrate their efforts on the right person.

Some Key Micro-goals to Consider While Establishing Your B2B Business on Instagram

An important aspect that will determine your route on Instagram is your business goals. Ultimately all businesses want profit and growth, but these are very broad and vaguely defined goals. Consider setting specific micro-goals for your Instagram journey. When you can set measurable time-bound goals, choosing your marketing strategy will become an easier task. Some such plans to consider for your B2B business include:

  • Follower count milestones;
  • Click conversions;
  • Saves;
  • Shares;
  • Direct contact;
  • Partnership building with influencers and other collaborators.

When working towards achieving micro-goals, it is essential to:

  • Always keep track of long-term goals.
  • Interact with your audience in a casual and informative manner.
  • Present unique and exciting perspectives on products and conversations around them.
  • Experiment and utilize as many features of Instagram as possible.
  • Keep your budget and resources in mind.

Creating a Two-Step Marketing Approach for Your B2B on Instagram

If you consider the above, creating your Instagram marketing strategy is an easy two-step one. It involves:

  • How you determine and present your content using the platform’s features belongs to this segment. Consider here creating links to your website and other social media accounts, reviews of your business, and other such pages that will enable your target audience to build a favorable opinion of your brand.
  • You can rebrand your online presence using templates and repetitive visual details (like your logo or a color scheme) that your audience can associate with your brand.

Benefits of Having an Instagram Account for your B2B business

Once you have established your marketing approach. You only need to execute it to see the immediate effects it brings to your business. Being on Instagram can have several benefits, including but not limited to:

1. Being Able to Advertise with Minimum Cost

How can Instagram Benefit Your B2B Business

Instagram is perfect for B2B businesses to find marketing opportunities at little or no cost. With over a billion active users, you are bound to find a target audience for your products and services regardless of which industry you belong to. You do not need to invest in high-end advertising for this purpose. Instead, you can concentrate on:

  • Creating content that presents an insider’s perspective. This lets your audience know your authenticity as a business.
  • Using powerful keyword enriched captions. This helps provide information to your audience as well as widens your reach.
  • Utilizing Instagram features to make announcements and release teasers. Each feature has its algorithms, so it is wise to use as many as possible. Especially make use of IGTV and Stories to boost visibility and engagement for your content. The proper format of presenting content is crucial for engaging the right audience.
  • Being transparent about your business ethos. If you are clear about running your business and communicating the same to your audience, you are likely to connect with like-minded clients.
  • Creating brand awareness using thought leaders as spokespersons for your brand. What influencers do for B2C businesses, thought leaders do for B2B.
  • Building audience interaction and client engagement communication is key to increasing engagement rates for any business on Instagram.
  • Humanizing your business by showcasing your work culture and environment. Clients connect not just because of what you produce but also how you produce them.
  • Using solid and impactful visual content to attract a target audience. Professional-looking posts are sure to bring real-time partners to your account.
  • Networking with others from the industry and its allied services. Connect with peers to further collaborative ventures with them online and offline. Communication is key to bringing more exposure to your B2B brand. Amplify our target audience demographic by cross-connecting and participating in conversations relevant to your business.
  • Choosing the right hashtags for your content. Hashtags are essential for B2B businesses. Identify which ones bring you maximum conversion and reach. Create your hashtags to establish your brand identity. Skillful use of hashtags brings you visibility of potential partners whose path you may not cross otherwise.
  • Creating CTA posts that direct traffic to your homepage, bio, or any URL that maximizes lead generation and sales for your business. Capitalize on your account traffic to grow traffic for your business. You can use:
    • Swipable links in Stories.
    • URL in your bio.
    • CTA captions asking the audience to check bio.
    • Shoppable tags.
    • CTA buttons in the bio that provide sales through affiliate sites.

2. Being Able to Hire Fresh Talent for Your Business

Instagram is a great place to hire new professionals. The platform allows all its users to showcase themselves without boundaries. If you are on the lookout for creative and out-of-the-box thinkers, all you need to do is post up your job openings on Instagram. The incredible pool of talent available on the platform is sure to impress you. What’s more, you have more flexibility in scouting talent here as all is dependent on your online communication and interaction strategies.

3. Being Able to Recognize your Niche for Smart Advertising

Instagram’s inbuilt metrics and analytics tools let you study your target audience’s behaviour favourably for your business. Research consumer habits to strengthen your advertising strategy.

  • With Instagram Insights, track the time when your posts get the most followers views or any other form of engagement. Use this to set up an ideal posting schedule for your B2B business.
  • Observe the geographic location and post preferences of your active audience. Use this to determine what type of posts should feature more in your marketing strategy and why. Expand your audience reach by keeping their engagement pattern in mind.
  • Track your competitors and who can be healthy collaborators in the industry from your audience behavior patterns.
  • Devise the best strategy for lead generation using the information from these analytical tools.
  • Gage which keywords, and hashtags, generate the most post engagement and visibility for your content.

4. Being Able to Authenticate Your Brand

One of the most crucial factors for the success of any brand is client trust. You can build credibility for your brand and drive audience traffic to your account by being genuine. Organic growth of your account is the best indicator of profitable growth for your business. TO gain client trust:

  • Be prompt in responding to queries, comments, and feedback.
  • Showcase your backstory and let your audience gain familiarity with your brand. If you are a new brand, let your potential partners know your business environment and what they can expect if they team up with you. If you have been in the market for a while, highlight your industry experience and partners.
  • Highlight reviews and recommendations from real partners. There is no better way of building social proof than having real users speak well of your services and professional relationships.
  • Be available when needed for professional communication, be it for general inquiries or potential business. Providing reliable and efficient customer support services is essential for any business, B2B or B2C.
  • Have a friendly and professional tone in interacting with others on Instagram and otherwise. Being courteous and respectful will only humanize your brand in a favorable light.

5. Being Able to Partner Up Creatively

Instagram is an excellent platform for launching collaborative ventures, products, and ideas. Grow your audience radar by creating joint content and create opportunities for repeat orders and referrals. As a B2B business, you can join hands with existing and potential partners to develop audience awareness about your products, organize seminars and campaigns, participate in industry fetes and many other events. Organize giveaways and product reveal events with your partners. You are sure to see a boost in your engagement metrics as well as your reach and impression. All of this is essential for creating opportunities for lead conversions. As a B2B business, you can team up with industry leaders, micro and macro-influencers, and companies already in alliance with you. You can also interview members of the industry and run joint live sessions with them. In addition, you can create collaborative IGTV videos and presentations. The possibilities of engagement with your partners online are endless. This is in stark contrast to how deals and collaborations usually get signed in the non-social media space. Generally, B2B businesses interact with each other only through professional go-betweens for legal and professional reasons. The informality of the social media space allows you to be more interactive with your partners and to know them better.

6. Being Able to Observe and Incorporate Changing Consumer Trends into Marketing Goals

Instagram is a great place to research consumer trends and update one’s business practices based on the same. Being on the platform lets you observe in real-time what your target audience wants and how. This gives you an edge in developing the future course of action for your business and its marketing plans. Even though marketing strategies for B2B and B2C firms aren’t the same, catching the changing consumer trends early is suitable for both businesses. You can concentrate on developing better communication and client relationships if you keep track of real-time consumer trends changes.

7. Being Able to Incorporate More Terminology into Your Outreach Tactics

How can Instagram Benefit Your B2B Business

Traditionally marketing a B2B business involves using technical business terminology as both buyer and seller are seasoned members of the industry and well-trained in its terminology. Such traditional jargon is not always conducive to marketing on a platform like Instagram because your business is now open to a broader target audience. The new environment now involves laypersons. Furthermore, Instagram’s trending language practices make it essential for B2B businesses to adjust to many lexical changes in their business transactions and communications. The ability to adapt to such linguistic changes can determine success on the platform to a large extent.

Summing Up

Do not push off creating an Instagram account for your B2B business if you haven’t already done so. No business product is too dull for the right audience on a visual platform. Post consistently and interact with your followers. Keep the quality of your posts, captions, and hashtags in check. You will soon see a rise in your ROI. Above all, do not lose sight of your micro-goals in your pursuit of engagement-generating ideas. A good marketing strategy requires focus, determination, and persistence. Master these and watch your B2B brand carve a niche for itself on Instagram!