The Ultimate Nursing Scrubs Fitting Guide

The Ultimate Nursing Scrubs Fitting Guide

As a medical professional, you know the love-hate relationship that goes with buying a great set of scrubs. With the right balance of size, design, and functionality, everybody hopes to find a pair of nursing scrubs that are for keeps. Picking your scrubs wisely can be why you can concentrate 100% on your tasks or continuously fidget throughout the shift. Therefore, choose them carefully.

The Ultimate Nursing Scrubs Fitting Guide

How to Take Your Measurements

To ensure that you choose the most suitable scrubs for your physique, you can start by taking your body measurements. Measure around your chest, waist, hips, and inseam using a compact measuring tape. Get someone else to help you, so it is as precise as possible.

  • Chest – Measure the fullest part of your chest just under the arms.
  • Waist – Measure below the midsection while loosely holding the measuring tape.
  • Hips – Stand straight with your feet together and measure the fullest portion of the hips.
  • Inseam – Measure around the inside of your leg to one inch just under the ankle.

Mark the measurements and cross-check the size chart of your preferred brand to ensure you have the perfect fit. If loose-fitting clothes are more comfortable for you, choose one size up. Use your actual size if you would like more fitting scrubs.

How to Choose the Right Fit

Modern branded scrubs are available in many various styles, from loose to customized, from classic to fashionable. Selecting which suits you better depends on your tastes. Would you want to have a more structured, customized look or something roomy and loose? Note that nursing scrubs should never hinder your motions or stop you from performing effectively.

Most manufacturers offer their scrubs in four standard fits:

  • Missy – This style applies to scrubs with shorter sleeve width and a flattering silhouette. The longer hemline of its top provides extra coverage when bent and reaching while the pants offer a higher rise with comfortable leg space.
  • Junior – If you like fitting scrubs, junior style might be for you. This design includes scrub tops that a short sleeve and a skinnier cut throughout the suit. Junior cut scrub pants end up sitting below the waist and give with a slimmer leg.
  • Unisex – Do you prefer roomy scrubs? If yes, you will love the unisex style. This modern, comfortable, and restriction-free design provides a long sleeve with a broader armhole with a straight and relaxed cut through the waistline. The trousers fall just below the midsection and have a more casual design.
  • Athletic – Healthcare professionals prefer comfortable style scrubs. These cuts are structured for constant motion, many with mesh perforations that support breathability and knit panels for an additional wiggle room. All of them consist of stretch fabric, which is typically cotton free, so they are easy to clean. Many athletic fit bottoms feature a comfortable, stretchy waistband to allow you to move around freely

Below are some sizes that manufacturers offer scrubs in:

  • Regular – This size is suitable for those who do not fit within the range of petite or plus size. If you are not unusually tall or short or carry 0 to 10 in regular size, choose a regular size.
  • Petite – This classification is for healthcare professionals whose height is 5’4 or shorter. Petite sized nursing scrubs use regular sizing but with a shorter hem. Shorter people could use this.
  • Plus-Size – Top scrub companies offer plus size sets that are just as easy and stylish on curvy body shapes. Various scrub manufacturers follow different size standards, but if you carry size 12 or more, you can shop plus size fits.

Medical scrub manufacturers do not observe a universal sizing chart. Many brands use small to large tags, and others use European and American sizes. This is why it is so essential to begin by taking your accurate body measurements and referring to the size charts of the particular brand you prefer before placing an order. Protection Status

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