What goes on in a man’s mind after sex? Men and women are said to reflect a different performance after sexual intercourse. In some situations, however, men match them.

“Men only want to sleep after sex” is almost always heard. You will see that this is not entirely accurate. This article explains how men feel after having sex. Prejudice can hide the truth.

They feel tired

Lack of interest? The sex was too good? Neither question can be answered if you end up exhausted after sex. Research has shown that physical effort during sex and after an orgasm depletes the muscle glycogen (the predominant muscle fuel).

That is why many men end up as zombies, and they only want to sleep. The only thing they are just looking for is their own beds or a good spot to stop and rest a bit after all energy consumed in their passionate session. ZZZ… Sleep and rest.

They feel they want more sex

Some express that they can last all night. They say they are more active than ever, and they look forward to doing it again. It is clear that at least a few minutes are needed in order to return to the action. However, it is important to remember that if this behaviour is persistent, you could suffer from an addiction.

In such cases, it depends not only on the man and his sexual desires. Both you and the other person should wish the same. Ask your partners! The consent of the two parties must be borne in mind at all times to repeat the action. Remember that respect is very important.

They feel sad

Although it sounds paradox, it is more widespread than most people think. There is even a term “post-coital dysphoria”. This is a disorder that causes feeling sad or anxious, for no apparent reason, after having sex.

In situations such as this, consult your health care provider to determine the specifics of your test. Keep calm! It is not the end of the world. There are different ways to effectively treat patients with this condition.

They feel they want to hug and kiss

It is commonly believed that this is for women. However, males also want and expect hugs and kisses. These positive gestures may reflect satisfaction after sexual intercourse. Or maybe a wish for another round. And why not? It could be the beginning of a new session.

Typically, this situation occurs in a relationship of mutual trust. Touching, holding, and caressing are also ways to express your feelings for your partner. Nevertheless, some people are too shy to express their emotions.

They feel proud of themselves

Some are very proud of themselves after having sex. They feel they are too good to have intercourse. And who knows, maybe your partner has also shared this experience. Imagine this. Aren’t you a bit jealous of this? Obviously. Many would have liked to be in that position.

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Having sex is one of the pleasures of life. For some, the fact that reaching orgasm is enough, while for others this is more than just climax. What it means to have sex can vary greatly from one person to the next. As you can see, there are plenty of feelings and emotions behind what is being said.

Sometimes, you might be afraid to share, but no situation is better than the other. Each case is unique, special and can be performed in different ways. Some particular situations may seem strange at first, but dive in and explore. How did you experience that time? This may help you to be more understanding of how you are feeling and to be able to offer support if required.