What do women want? Well, it’s fair to say this is a universal question that remains unanswered. You can do your best to appear attractive to the opposite sex – we’re thinking dressing well, showcasing your personality – but for some women, how attracted they are to you could simply be down to your genetic makeup.

Many studies out there have focused on men’s face shapes, how we read them, and specifically how attractive we find them based on a number of factors. Like the body shape, there is actually a lot to be seen in a men’s face shape, and we often read this instinctively. Nevertheless, there are specific aspects of face shapes that we like more than others.

Here are the most appealing facial features that women like all over the world.

Wider faces assert dominance

A study conducted by the Association for Psychological Science tested the likelihood of certain facial features leading to short-term relationships. It was found that men with a wider facial width than height were more likely to enter short-term relationships with women.

It turns out that women perceive men with wider faces as being more powerful, dominant and they’re much more likely to get a second date.

Leonardo Di Caprio has a wide face

Leonardo Di Caprio has a wide dominant face

Got a strong jawline and facial symmetry? You’re in luck!

Another study found that men with a strong jawline give off a strong, dominant vibe that women love – and they’re found to have good genes for reproduction. If you’ve got a strong jawline, you’re on to a winner.

Symmetry is also proven to play a big part. The Journal of Comparative Psychology found that women and men prefer faces that are more symmetrical. In addition to this, when comparing identical twins that were slightly un-identical (in terms of their facial symmetry), women were more attracted to the twin that had the ‘better’ symmetry. Something as simple as keeping your eyebrows trimmed and groomed (so that they look identical) can help you appear much more attractive to women.

Brad Pitt has a strong jaw structure

Brad Pitt has a strong jaw structure

Don’t worry about your ‘average’ face shape

Women love a distinctly average men’s face shape, apparently! A study that was done back in 1878 suggested that faces blended together were considered more attractive than an individual face. Why you might ask? Most likely because a more average face represents a more diverse set of genes, and it can be seen as being more ‘familiar’.

What’s your face shape?

After reading about facial features women find attractive, you might be asking yourself what face shape you actually have. Many of us have no idea how to categorise the shape of our face. Typically, the main categories are round, square, heart-shaped, oval, and rectangular.

Did you know? The most common face shape is an oval face shape, but it is common for some people to fall between categories and have combined face shapes.

There are a number of factors that can influence your face shape, such as your diet, weight gain, and how much water you drink. It’s true – certain foods can cause you to retain water weight around your face and body. However, the base of your face shape is solely down to genetics.

Eyewear Enhances Your Face

If like us you want to find out your face shape, online eyewear retailer Arlo Wolf have launched a handy face shape guide. This tool will help you pick out your face shape – and, if you’re a glasses wearer, find the perfect pair of specs to fit your face. After all, men who wear glasses are perceived as being more likeable and more attractive to women! This is because glasses can make you look smart, confident, and give the appearance of a more symmetrical face.

Robert Downey jr wears Kirk and Kirk

Robert Downey jr wears Kirk and Kirk eyewear