Having a proper website is always necessary for photographers to advertise their services, show their portfolios or harness the power of social media to do online marketing. However, it is quite surprising that many photographers do not know how to utilize the website to the fullest.

Rather than advertise the services online via the photo-shoot service package, it is quite simple that you create the secondary income source by selling the photos digitally or print them from the website and sell them physically. Whether you want to sell them digitally or as physical prints or you want to sell licenses for more commercial images as stock photography, it is now easier than before.

If you see someone scrolling the gallery and see an image they like, why not provide them with the opportunity to buy the image right from the website? Selling photos or images from the online site will offset the setup cost of the site and even you can get a lucrative offer to earn money. You can buy or sell photos from Depositphotos, to know more, you can check a website like depositphotos.com.

The Traditional Way to Sell the Photos

Selling photos through microstock websites is one of the traditional options for photographers. If the application to submit and sell the photos gets approved, you will now upload the photo to their library. You should always pay attention to the fine print options. Do you know that there are several microstock websites that take about 80% of each sale and give the photographer a small percentage, sometimes, even lower than 20%? So, it is better to discuss the price before you buy or sell the photos.

What Is The New Way To Sell The Photos?

You can easily the images with the help of plugins that make it easier to sell the photos and prints online on the stock image platforms. If you are planning to sell the stock photos that you have, you can take help from these plugins that allow the photographers to have 100% profit from each sale that is done. This is a far better deal made by the photographer who had only gotten 30% commission from the traditional stock photography platforms. Now, the photographers can able to set the prices and then build the niche photography business easily.

Apart from selling the stock photography, the plugins also sell prints on the photo books and canvas and also even prints on the merchandise with help of Print on Demand extension.

Selling The Photos As Stock Photography

Due to the increased demand of blogs and e-books, the demand for stock images has also increased. There are lots of new microstock sites coming up in the market that provide affordable and good-quality images to designers, authors, bloggers and business owners and they have the option of choosing to get licenses as per their usage. Stock photographs are used in website designing, articles, book jackets, company reports, posters, newsletters and lots more. As the demand for high-quality and reasonable stock photography is high, it will help in generating a good amount of income for any type of photographer having a good portfolio of stock pictures for sales.

The best way to make the photographs available is the stock images given by sale by the use of 3rd party microstock websites. Selling the pictures through the help of a stock agency is fast and it is quite easy too. They help in all types of marketing and also many people search for the images on the websites daily.

The set price of these stock prices depends upon the sites where you are posting. Some of the websites sell images for some as the dollar for each image for low photographs and will generate good commission. Other websites charge for more images but sell at a low rate.

Another point to keep in mind is that stock image sites make it easier for people to find out and choose the image from different photographers. Ideally, you want people to browse the images from the portfolio and they start looking for them.

How You Can Sell Images Online?

The capability makes money online as the photographer by selling the images is all about exploring the creativity of work and then applying it to the talents for monetization. It seems too hard to make it when any photographer with the newest model of phone and access to have free photo editing app can call themselves a photographer but the main thing lies in the fact that creators who are becoming business owners start to sell photos keeping in mind three different factors like-

  1. Finding the right niche
  2. Creating various streams of passive income
  3. Building the audience base

When you are planning to sell the photos, be sure that they have a license which will further help you in making a good profit in the upcoming selling campaigns. You need to work hard and think about how the photos are used for branding or for publishing. Great photos that have the ability to express ideas are very popular mainly when they are featuring human objects.

Some Of The Platforms To Sell Photos Are

  • Alamy

It has one of the largest collections of stock photos with more than 200 million stock images, videos and also panoramic images that are great on the websites. Here you can sell anything from daily images to the niches. The platform has more than 60,000 contributors and over 1,11,0000 buyers.

  • SmugMug Pro

Whether you are a new photographer or the established one, this platform will help you to sell your photos online with a great portfolio, tools and also a sales platform. It helps you to keep 80% of the profit.

  • iStock Photo

It is the micro-stock for the Getty images. The main difference between the two is the photo in iStock is non-exclusive which means you can sell the images to other agencies. The commission is about 15-40% depending upon the photos and quality.

These are some of the ways by which you can sell photos online. You can also earn a good commission from selling your photography too.