The more we study Delta 8, the more we are fascinated by this remarkable cannabinoid. Surprisingly, we’re learning that Delta 8 has a far longer shelf life than other cannabinoids like CBD and Delta 9.

Do you know when delta 8 gummies expire? Find right away how long delta 8 gummies last with our thorough information.

How long Delta 8 Gummies Last

Because Delta 8 is a new product, we can’t guarantee how long it will last. However, here’s what we do know.

We know that CBD has a shelf life of 1-2 years because it has been around for so long. After that, its chemical structure degrades, causing it to lose efficacy.

We also know that Delta 8 THC is a deteriorated version of Delta 9 THC. When Delta 9 is exposed to air for an extended period, it undergoes oxidation and can transform into Delta 8. This also explains why Delta 8 is less effective than Delta 9!

Delta 8’s molecular structure is more stable than our other cannabinoids, CBD and Delta 9 because it is already the product of degradation.

“As a result, we can conclude that if properly stored, Delta 8 gummies have a reasonably extended shelf life of up to 1.5 – 2 years.”

However, we recommend using your delta 8 gummies within the first 6-9 months for the best flavour and results.

Delta 8’s Shelf Life Compared To CBD and Delta 9 THC

We know that cannabidiol has a two-year shelf life. After that, it begins to decay and lose its efficacy due to chemical breakdown.

Surprisingly, while delta 8 is technically already degraded, it is more chemically stable than CBD, delta 9, and other prominent cannabinoids. This is excellent news for people who have a massive stockpile of delta 8 gummies or other edibles. That doesn’t mean delta 8 will never expire.

However, we can state that, like CBD, delta 8 will not be hazardous when it expires. All that will happen is that it will lose its effectiveness. When your delta 8 no longer provides the same potent effects it once had, it’s time to replace it.

Factors that can affect a Delta 8 Gummy’s Shelf Life

A pure delta 8 extract generally has a storage life of one year. However, several variables can cause cannabis to deteriorate sooner.

Factor #1: How the compound was extracted

First and foremost, the extraction procedure can make a difference. Methods based on solvents and oils are infamous for destabilizing the molecule.

Both of these procedures expose the molecule to potentially harmful elements. This is why distillation and CO2 extraction procedures may appear to work best for delta 8 gummies.

However, these extraction procedures would be expensive due to the low naturally occurring level of delta-8 in the hemp plant. They would necessitate vast volumes of raw material for a small amount.

Instead, hemp-derived delta-8 gummies are created by taking CBD to isolate and using a technique known as ‘isomerization’ to rearrange the chemical makeup to create pure delta-8 distillate.

Factor #2: Additional ingredients in the formula

Of course, a specific delta 8 compound’s shelf life is determined by factors other than the delta 8 THC itself.

Edibles may contain natural food ingredients that expire in less than a year.

Factor #3: Storage

Light, heat, and humidity can all speed up the oxidation process of the cannabis, leading it to expire before the technical expiry date.

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Tips For Storing Delta 8 Gummies Long-Term

Storing your Delta 8 gummies is essential for maximizing the product’s potency, taste, and effectiveness. Try these 7 activities to increase the sensory benefits of Delta 8. Here’s a list of suggestions for keeping your Delta 8 gummies fresh for as long as possible according to leading cannabis review platforms like Hempercamp:

1. Keep products in a sealed container

Cannabinoids degrade and break down due to a process called “oxidation,” which we discussed earlier. The less oxygen and heat that can get into the product, the longer it will last. The greater the airtightness, the better!

2. Store in a cool, dark place

When not using your Delta 8 gummies, please keep them in their sealed container in a cold, dark area of your home, such as a cabinet or drawer. Or, much better, the refrigerator!

3. Avoid moist or humid environments

Another critical issue that might reduce shelf life is exposure to humidity or moisture. While cooking, stay away from places like your car, bathroom, and kitchen.

4. Buy limited quantities

With so many great delta 8 products releasing all at once, we understand the need to purchase as many as possible to maintain a nice rotation of formulations at all times. Still, keep in mind that buying a ton of delta 8 can result in many things you don’t get to until months later, increasing the likelihood of ending up with expired delta 8. Buy in small quantities at a time to ensure that your delta 8 supply is constantly fresh.

5. Confirm if the packaging is conducive to longevity

You want to ensure that the delta 8 comes in the proper packaging to extend its shelf life. Delta 8 gummies, for example, should be packaged in durable food-grade packets to prevent light and heat from entering the formula and speed up the oxidation process, in which the chemical compounds degrade.

Now You Know!

You’ve often wondered when delta 8 gummies expire, and you’re curious as you learn more about the various varieties. Delta 8 gummies live far longer than CBD and other cannabinoids, making them less likely to expire while in your possession.

However, it would be best if you store your delta 8 THC correctly to keep it as fresh and strong as possible. Follow the guidelines above to keep your delta 8 gummies new and potent for as long as possible after purchase.