Why You Should Give Your Horse CBD Oil

Why You Should Give Your Horse CBD Oil

Why You Should Give Your Horse CBD Oil. CBD oil is not just for improving your horse’s overall health. Keep reading for whoa horsey: 10 key reasons why you should give your horse CBD oil.

Are you one of the 2 million Americans who own a horse? If so, you know what a big responsibility that it can be.

When you own a horse, you have to make sure that you give it enough food and water every day. You also need to provide it with a stable to sleep in and clean out the stable regularly to prevent it from getting filthy.

But most importantly, you need to help your horse stay healthy. It’s why you should give your horse CBD oil. CBD oil can help horses in many of the same ways that it’s been shown to help humans.

Would you like to learn more about how giving your horse CBD oil could help them? Let’s take a closer look at 10 key reasons why you should give your horse CBD oil.


Helps Horses Manage Chronic Pain

Depending on what kind of horse you have, they could weigh anywhere from about 500 pounds all the way up to well over 2,500 pounds. Horses are very large creatures.

The sheer size of a horse is part of what makes it so majestic. But the size is also what leads to many horses dealing with chronic pain, especially during the later years of their life. It’s not uncommon at all for horses to struggle to get around due to their tremendous height and weight.

You can take some of this pain away by providing your horse with the best CBD oil for horses. It’ll give your horse some much-needed relief without subjecting them to prescription painkillers or painful shots.

Alleviates the Symptoms of Arthritis

In addition to dealing with chronic pain throughout their lives, many horses also tend to develop arthritis in their joints. This arthritis can be every bit as painful for a horse as it is for a person.

In some instances, arthritis in a horse can even lead to lameness. They have a difficult time moving around when their arthritis gets to be this bad.

Just like with chronic pain, you could choose to treat your horse with some combination of painkillers and injections. But both of these things will take a toll on your horse’s mood and make them look and feel sluggish.

There is reason to believe that CBD oil could produce more positive results for horses with arthritis. CBD oil has inflammatory properties that can stop the joints in your horse from swelling up. It’s why you should give your horse CBD oil.

Relieves Horses Dealing With Inflammation

Horses with arthritis aren’t the only horses who suffer from inflammation. All horses are forced to deal with inflammation at one time or another. Horses that are on the more active side, in particular, are more susceptible to inflammation in their muscles and tendons than others.

If your horse has muscles and tendons that are inflamed over long periods of time, it’ll put them at an increased risk for everything from aforementioned arthritis to certain heart issues. You should take steps to help your horse avoid inflammation.

CBD Horse Pellets may be able to stop your horse from suffering from inflammation in the first place. Outside of soothing your horse’s routine aches and pains, they will also prevent long-term damage from being done to your horse’s body.

Eliminates Emotional Distress

One of the reasons why CBD oil has become so popular among humans is because of the impact that it’s had on helping those with anxiety and depression. People have noticed that their anxiety and depression symptoms aren’t anywhere near as bad as they usually are when they use CBD oil.

It appears as though the same can be said for horses. There are many animals, including horses, that show signs of emotional distress throughout their lives. CBD oil may be an effective tool when it comes to eliminating this distress.

Horses are very intelligent, which makes it essential for you to keep their emotional health in check at all times. You can experiment with CBD oil to see if it seems to make a difference in the way that your horse feels and behaves.

Calms Horses Down Before Traveling

Travelling with a horse can be a huge challenge for those who own one. From finding a trailer large enough to fit a horse to convincing a horse to climb into it, there are all sorts of issues you might face when trying to get one from point A to point B.

If your horse hates to travel, CBD oil might be the answer to your prayers. CBD oil has a calming effect on many horses and other animals, and it can help them to relax when they’re placed into stressful situations.

For many horses, there is no activity more stressful than travelling. Your horse might still not love doing it, but with CBD oil in their system, you won’t have such a hard time getting them onto your trailer so that you can travel with them.

Allows Horses to Compete in Races

Do you own a horse that takes part in races on a regular basis? While most horses look like they love to race, the truth is that horses are often stressed out before and during races.

Horses aren’t all that different from people as far as competing is concerned. They get very nervous when they step onto a racetrack and suffer from something called “arena anxiety.” It can impact both their health and their performance in a race.

CBD oil can calm your horse down prior to a race and make at least a little bit of its anxiety go away. It could help your horse produce much better results during races.

Improves Gastrointestinal Issues

The average horse has a diet that consists almost entirely of grain. Because of this, most horses develop gastrointestinal issues over the years.

Some of the issues include:

  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Lack of appetite
  • Ulcers

These issues can make it hard for a horse to digest food. They can also lead to more serious health complications down the line.

The inflammatory properties associated with CBD oil may help to get rid of the irritation that a grain diet can cause in a horse’s digestive system. By doing this, it can knock out many of the issues listed above.

Cuts Down on the Negative Side Effects of Cancer

Cancer is something that has, unfortunately, started to affect many horses. There are horses dealing with lots of different forms of cancer.

CBD oil is not going to send cancer packing if your horse has it. But there is some evidence that suggests CBD oil may be able to reduce the negative side effects of cancer and even slow cancer down and stop it from spreading quickly.

There is still quite a bit of research that needs to be done on CBD oil and cancer. But for now, it doesn’t appear as though it would hurt to give a horse that has been diagnosed with cancer some CBD oil.

Keeps Your Horse Healthier Overall

As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, there are a lot of health conditions that you can help your horse manage with CBD oil. But your horse doesn’t have to be sick to benefit from CBD oil!

There are other ways that CBD oil may be able to help your horse and make it even healthier than it already is. For example, CBD oil could very well help to regulate things like appetite and mood in your horse.

It’s why you should give your horse CBD oil even if they’re completely healthy. Your horse’s body will be able to take full advantage of it when you find ways to work it into their diet.

Provides You With Peace of Mind

We mentioned this at the beginning, but it’s worth repeating again. It is not easy owning a horse. There are a million and one responsibilities that come along with it, which means you’ll always have a million and one things to think about with regard to your horse.

CBD oil can provide you with peace of mind you wouldn’t have otherwise. You won’t have to spend every waking minute worrying about whether or not your horse is in good health when you give them CBD oil.

CBD oil is, of course, not the end-all and be-all when it comes to taking care of your horse. But it can increase the chances of you raising a horse so that is as happy and healthy as it can be.

Understanding Why You Should Give Your Horse CBD Oil

Horse owners have only been giving their horses CBD oil for a few years now if that. But already, so many of them are seeing the benefits of doing it.

Understand why you should give your horse CBD oil and consider doing it if you’re not doing it yet. You could see a real change in your horse once they start using CBD oil.

Would you like to see how to improve your health so that you can give your horse the best care possible? Search through our blogs to find the latest health tricks and tips.

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