How Technology has Revolutionized the Cruise Industry

How Technology has Revolutionized the Cruise Industry

The cruise industry is one which has undergone enormous change in recent times. A huge amount of money has been spent on revamping the cruise ships with new facilities and new technology to define new levels of luxury and comfort. This, and making cruises more affordable through places like Bolsover Cruise Club, has made cruise vacations much more appealing to a younger audience and transformed the industry.


Faster Wi-Fi

One of the key advances has been faster Wi-Fi which can pave the way for all kinds of new technology and services. Wi-Fi has previously been painfully slow onboard, but an upgrade in this department will allow passengers to stream video, play games online, share their experiences on social media, make dinner reservations and much more with ease.


Cruise ships can be enormous with many different facilities spread out across multiple decks. This can make it easy to get lost whilst wandering around, but there are now interactive maps and digital signs so you can easily discover where you are and how to get to your destination.

Wearable Credit Cards

Many cruise lines now have interactive bracelets that you can use to pay for everything and order drinks, food etc so that you do not have to carry your wallet/purse with you. Additionally, these bracelets can also inform staff of your name and first language to improve customer service.  On top of this, many of these bracelets can also inform you of where your children are – this can be a big concern for parents due to the sheer size of these ships.

Hi-Tech Experiences

There are all kinds of amazing and impressive high-tech experiences that can be enjoyed aboard many cruise liners too. One example is augmented reality where passengers can use their smartphone to see behind walls so that they can see the engine room, the bridge and other areas that they would not normally be able to see. Another example is virtual balconies where you can change the view.

Robot Bartenders

Many cruise liners are now starting to roll out robot bartenders which can deliver your drink to you so that you do not even need to lift a finger – in many cases, they can even come back and collect your empty as well.

These are just a few of the new technologies that can be seen onboard modern-day cruise ships. These technologies, amongst others, have completely transformed the industry and made this type of vacation much more appealing to a wider audience. Cruises have always been known to be luxurious, but the new technology being introduced has taken this to the next level and it will be interesting to what new developments are in the pipeline. Protection Status

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