One of the most trending thing in 2018 is men’s beard. Men with beards look dashing, classy and charismatic. Earlier it was considered to be unhygienic and a sign of depression but with time it became a symbol of pride and wealth. It is hard to find a guy who does not look good in the beard. No matter what is the shape of your face and complexion you have got, a beard will transform you into more presentable than earlier.

It is quite a job to know which beard style is best for an individual. As it depends on various factors like your face shape, hair thickness and the kind of hair growth you have. Men are now more conscious about their looks and personality than ever before. It is important to stay updated therefore you must visit men’s fashion store for the latest fashion updates and Beard styling tips. Bread acts as a magic wand for average looking guys and turns him into a handsome dude.

Few great examples of Beard-men are Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth, Gerard Butler and the list goes on.

Let us find out the top 5, most trending beard style of 2018 that you should not miss:

Full Stubble

This is the most popular and manliest beard style among men. Depending on your genetic and lifestyle this will take 2 to 3 months of time to grow to its potential. Select your own way if want it to be clean or messy. This style is best for men who don’t like to groom themselves regularly. Growing a thick and long beard needs a lot of patience. It emphasizes your Feature much better. Let the bread grow all over the face and then shape it up carefully with a razor or trimmer to achieve the final result. This style goes best with every shape and complexion.

Beards Trends -The Top Styles For 2018

Short Stubble

Short beard is for the businessmen who regularly visit important clients and can not afford to look untidy. It is easy to maintain and simplest among the all popular style. You don’t need to give any special attention while growing short Stubble. Just don’t shave for a few days. Trim the hairs to a certain length you wish to keep. Very popular among young office men as It appears clean and manly. Shave the unwanted hairs from the cheeks and lower neck to give it a clean look.

Beards Trends -The Top Styles For 2018

Van Dyke Mustache

Anthony Van Dyke is a great painter of Seventeenth-Century and a style icon for men. This style is inspired by his long and finely trimmed beard style. This style is a combination of a goatee beard and moustaches along with a sharp edge. It takes a couple of months to shape the beard in Van Dyke Style. Allow your beard to grow around two inches from your chin. An inverted T shape should be created by shaping the beard and apparently leave the moustache as it is. Clear up the hairs from cheeks, neck, and sideburns. Try giving a V shape to the beard by trimming it from time to time.

Beards Trends -The Top Styles For 2018


Every man is aware of Balbo style beard. You cannot deny the fact that this is the sexist style among all. A full-grown beard is required to acquire the finest shape edge look. Robert Downey, Jr had carried this look amazingly since a few years now. Isn’t he a great personality to set the styling trend? Moustaches multiply the beard effect. A exert beard artist is recommended to shape your Balbo style of beard. You need skilful hands to get the perfect balbo look.

Beards Trends -The Top Styles For 2018


Eric Bandholz a famous urban breadman and founder of beardbrand. He challenged society’s opinion about the beards and certainly changed it. This style is named after him and it requires amazing patience to have a beard like Mr. Bandholz. This is definitely the coolest beard style ever. The rough and tough look of Eric completely changed the way of thinking. It takes around seven to eight-month to have a Bandholz beard.

Above are the famous and most trending beard styles. Beard will never go out of style. According to a recent survey, Men with beard are more likely to attract women than the clean shaved men. Consult your stylist to know about the style that will suit you the most.

Beards Trends -The Top Styles For 2018

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