How To Add A Little Rock And Roll To Your Look

How To Add A Little Rock And Roll To Your Look

Rock And Roll

For decades, people have been captivated by the unity of fashion and rock and roll. Those heavily into the culture—from lovers of classic rock’n’roll to punk rock to heavy metal—have donned the time-worn uniforms of their rock-loving ancestors. These include lots of leather, black, studs, the battle jacket or kutte, bullet belts, boots, and, of course… the rock and roll T-shirt.

But that love of edgy self-expression is not limited to fans of the music. Even on the runway, leather, black and distressed clothing have often seen the light of day, as designers have loved to experiment with the fusion of the badass, edgy, eye-catching rock and roll aesthetic into fashion. The name Vivienne Westwood springs to mind. As does Creative Director for Yves Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane’s. The heavily distressed, grungy, tattered designs of Vivienne Westwood have been hugely evocative of punk rock’s middle finger to authority attitude.

The Fusion of Rock and Roll and Fashion by Anarchist Apparel

Newly established, Anarchist Apparel has sought to be a fusion of the two—the edginess and passion of the alternative culture and music and the mainstream elegance of fashion.

Specializing its current collection in T-shirts, Anarchist’s designs were inspired by the work of artists to create a collection of T-shirt prints that not only embodied the spirit of rock and roll, but were also aesthetically striking. The goal was to create T-shirts that were like wearable works of rock’n’roll-inspired art.

The T-shirts are categorized into printed designs and Limited Edition. The Limited Edition T-shirts are so named because they are individually styled by hand, rendering only a limited quantity per each design to be released. They are hand-distressed and feature distressed studding, patches and other types of hardware, while maintaining a sleek, classy, minimalist look. It’s the union of the extremity of alternative fashion and the sophisticated dresser.

Each Anarchist Apparel graphic design is mulled over for weeks, to create a print that conveys that balance of rock and roll and art, to create a type of design that isn’t similar to anything that has ever been on a T-shirt before.

For the few, select Limited Edition items every month, hours, days can go into each item.

The Appeal of Alternative Fashion

So what is it about the rock and roll aesthetic that has appealed to almost everyone at some point in their lives?

It’s that devil-may-care, guitar-thrashing, living for the moment, being your own boss, wearing yesterday’s clothes and still looking cool attitude. The grunginess of distressed T-shirt prints and stylistically-tattered clothing itself always seemed to lend a careless attitude that spelled freedom.

The rock and roll look seems to convey not only a love for one of the world’s best forms of music, but also a certain disheveled nonchalance about one’s appearance while still looking incredibly badass.

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