The Covid-19 pandemic has just about everyone on Earth scrambling to build their immune system. Sadly, it took the fear of catching a virus to include simple practices to live a healthier lifestyle but hopefully more will be conscious of their immune response after we have returned to normal life. Many experts in the health and wellness space are suggesting adding CBD pills, or other hemp-derived extracts to their daily routine.

CBD isn’t going to save you from any viruses or diseases. It may assist in a larger attempt to strengthen the immune response. Experts believe that CBD’s ability to affect endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body could give users a more regulated response to adversity in the body.

Build the Immune System

It takes dedication to increase the immune system. Taking edible gummies each day isn’t enough to see results. Building a strong immune system takes a healthy diet, adequate sleep, regular exercise and possibly supplementing with CBD products.

The USDA recommends two and a half cups of vegetables every day. Having a day where you eat the recommended amount isn’t enough to see a difference. It takes weeks of following this guideline to see results.

Getting the necessary number of vegetables is possibly the hardest part of building the immune system. We recommend incorporating plant-based ingredients into dishes that you already like. Buying tons of broccoli to eat throughout the week probably isn’t going to be eaten if you aren’t already eating lots of veggies each day. But switching to plant-based pasta may be a way that you can get your servings without having to eat foods you don’t enjoy.

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Ways to Make Your Immune System Stronger

If you are concerned with your immune system, we recommend making three changes:

  • Exercise at least three times per week – this can be just a walk or vigorous workouts depending on how much exercise you are already getting
  • Add fruits and vegetables to your diet – try to limit sugar and bread and replace it with fruits and veggies.
  • Get 6-8 hours of sleep each night – Avoid screen time right before bed for a better quality of sleep

CBD or adding vitamins to build your immune system can also help, but we recommend starting with these lifestyle changes first.

Adding CBD to Your Immune Boosting Routine

Many CBD companies are seizing on the opportunity Covid-19 has created. They are aware that people are wanting to boost their immune system in preparation for infection and creating products that are infused with CBD, vitamins, and minerals. These products are usually CBD pills and are meant to be taken each morning just like a multivitamin.

We believe that the future of the industry may be catered to the user’s specific needs, but it’s not necessary to buy these blends if you want to supplement them with CBD. Taking CBD tincture alongside a healthy serving of vegetables or with a multivitamin will have the same effect but not cost as much. You are also limited to the type of CBD when buying one of these immune-boosting blends.

Our Plan for a Strong Immune System

Start with your diet. This is the most overlooked part of the immune system especially with unhealthy food choices so easily obtainable. Next, incorporate at least three workouts into your week. Both of these will naturally help you sleep better. If you still want to boost the immune system further, try supplementing your diet with CBD. We recommend doing so along with a multivitamin for the best results.

Remember that boosting the immune system is a long process. Allow at least a month to evaluate your recent lifestyle changes.